Four Year-Old Fashion and Some Cross-Stitch { phfr }

I’m participating today in the Pretty Happy Funny Real link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Instant friendship between Girl 1 and another little girl, as they danced to the recessional music at my brother’s graduation:



Some little cross-stitch animals for Sebastian, the first completed needlework project in two decades for this self-avowed non-crafter:

IMG_2346 IMG_2386 IMG_2505


Four year-old footwear choices (she got the sandals on by herself for the first time):



Four year-old footwear choice when I don’t do a last-minute shoe check before Mass:


Thank you for hosting, Leila and Co.!



6 thoughts on “Four Year-Old Fashion and Some Cross-Stitch { phfr }

  1. I just got the exact same sandals for Cecilia! She ADORES them, but I had to buckle them on the loosest setting or she can’t get them on herself, since those buckles are a little too much for those 2-year-old fingers… But they were an awesome price and I know they’ll last through more than one kid!

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