Ye Olde Weekly Food Poste: Steak N’ Greens

Can I just share with y’all one of my favorite meals of late?

Pan fried steak with mushrooms, onions and collard greens (or kale): it’s paleo/ Perfect Health Diet friendly but also basic, comforting, Southern-inspired home cooking.


I don’t have exact recipes for you, but this is basically what I do:

For the greens:

Buy a  bag of pre-washed, pre-cut greens and put in a big pot.  It will seem like a lot but they reduce a lot in volume once cooked.  Add enough water or broth that they are almost covered (about 10 cups).  Add some onion and garlic and (ideally) a ham bone or some bacon.  Bring to a boil then simmer until the greens are very tender (an hour or so for collards, more for kale).  Salt to taste.  This will make about 4 generous helpings.

For the steak:

Take two steaks (try cube steak for economical deliciousness) and fry them up in a pan with a little olive oil (more or less depending on whether you have a non-stick pan).   Use medium-low to medium heat.

If you’re using cube steak, you can dredge it in a little flour (rice or almond) with salt and pepper and garlic powder, before you fry it.

After the steak is done, add some sliced onion and mushrooms and enough Worcestershire sauce and red wine to make a little sauce.  Saute until the veggies are tender.


Aw man, I love it.


The end.

9 thoughts on “Ye Olde Weekly Food Poste: Steak N’ Greens

    • Thanks, Colleen! Good luck with the PHD. It’s hard cutting out so many foods (“foods”?), but it becomes easier after a while . . . tho we def’ly don’t stick to it 100% all the time.

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