Five Favorite Blog Posts

I’d like to share with you a few posts I love from other blogs:

— 1 —

If push came to shove, would your child get eaten by a bear?  (Why your kid may actually need less patience from you.)  Thanks, Martha O., for pointing out this article.

— 2 —

This post by my sister about our favorite humanitarian veterinarian (our dad).

— 3 —

This post by my other sister about our family’s double wedding summer last year.

— 4 —

That reminds me of this picture, from one of those weddings.  That’s my family, waiting for Pat and me to get our butts over there for the picture.  Completely candid.  Not a blog post, but I’m adding it to the list because I love it.


**Update** I just recalled that Joannie took this pic, and so in keeping with my theme today, here is one of my favorite of her posts, all about two of our favorite English gentleman sleuths.

— 5 —

This post by Simcha Fisher, and especially the comment by a Susan M. (I’m totally eating crow here).  Because it gave me hope that I could have a second child and not die.


I’m  joining up with Hallie of Moxie Wife, for her Five Favorites link up.  Thanks Hallie!


15 thoughts on “Five Favorite Blog Posts

  1. Thank you for reminding me about that Leila article. I read it when my oldest was 3 and now he’s exactly the right age for it.

    And, I just wasted 15 minutes reading the comments on the simcha blog post so don’t eat any crow.

    There needs to be a stock disclaimer about “of course it’s ok to have as many kids as you happen to have, no one is judging you, grow up a little it’s not always all about you.” Whenever the topic of family size is even mentioned in any way. Honestly. Talk about missing the point.

  2. I’m torn on that Aunt Leila post from LMLD. I’ve read it before…generally I do like and am do teach my kids obedience. But, I also think it is important to think them rational thinking and how they shouldn’t obey if they are being told to do something they feel is wrong. Obedience definitely has a strong place in the parent-child relationship…but I don’t think total blind obedience all the time is always right and kids need to discern if a) they trust the person who they are obeying and b) they aren’t being told to do something that is wrong, yk. But, I do think children need to learn to obey right away, even if they are told to something that doesn’t make sense.

    And, now I’m going to go test my kids and see how obedient they are by telling them to do something nonsensical and see if they listen. LOL

    • Ha ha . Quick everyone! Hands on your heads, now! You would know more than me, since you have some delightful somewhat-older children, and I have two mostly-bratty littles. 😉 But it does seem that you have to make a distinction between obedience to parents and obedience to any other authority figure. And you have to let your kids have more and more leeway to make their own decisions as they get older.

  3. That post from Simcha is probably my favorite blog post of all time. She just might be my hero. 😉
    And that picture is awesome!! Those somewhat annoyed expressions are priceless.

  4. Three things I’m thinking: 1) It’s obviously Lizzie’s wedding – so where is Ryan for this picture, nevermind you and Pat!??? 2) I am very glad you blog regularly, Laura, I don’t read any other blogs anymore except yours and your sisterss 3) I never read Simcha’s article before today, I don’t think, anyway. I really enjoyed that – – having been a mother to two “only” children, I could relate. With an 18 year difference between the two, I thought maybe I could do better – and I did, I think – although it was a different “me”, different husband, place and situation. My favorite lines: “To become a mother, I had to learn how to care about someone more than I did about myself, and that was terrible. But who I am now is something more terrible: the protector who can’t always protect; the one with arms that are designed to hold, always having to let go.
    Dear mother of only one child, don’t blame yourself for thinking that your life is hard. You’re suffering now because you’re turning into a new woman, a woman who is never allowed to be alone. For what? Only so that you can become strong enough to be a woman who will be left.
    When I had only one child, she was so heavy. Now I can see that children are as light as air. They float past you, nudging against you like balloons as they ascend.
    Dear mother, don’t worry about enjoying your life. Your life is hard; your life will be hard. That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong—it means you’re doing it right.”

    Love you Laura!

  5. I never got around to commenting on this — but I love that you posted this picture. It was one of my favorites, too, and I had forgotten I shared it with you! Love it.

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