Summer mom uniform with skort

Wow!  Just published this without realizing it.  Sneaky Polyvore.  But I’ll let it stay.  This is pretty much how my summer mom uniform has shaped up.  I am loving my skort from Athleta.  More later . . .
Summer mom uniform with skort

Lands End evening top

Mossimo top

Loft top

Wherever Skort


Birkenstock shoes

Chain jewelry

Nina earrings

Gold disc necklace

H m scarve
$7.82 –

Wherever Skort | Athleta

6 thoughts on “Summer mom uniform with skort

  1. Ooooh I’ve been wondering about that skort! I love Athleta fashions, but they’re for women who can rock the hippie look (i.e., not not not me). Pics please!!

    • Hey Martha. Yeah, most of their stuff doesn’t fit with my usual look, either. Even the skort is a little different from what I usually wear . . . but I still love it. I”ll get some photos up here as soon as I can.

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