Style and the SAHM: Five Reasons It Matters

If you read my blog, you might notice that I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of a mom uniform.  I really want to be able to have a closet full of outfits that I can wear all day, every day and look presentable–without having to think too much about it.  Because if I have to think about it, most days I’ll stay in my pajamas.  And here are some of my favorite reasons for not staying in my pajamas:

  • Dressing nicely shows respect for my job.  I am not just putting in time as a full-time mom; it is my life’s most important work.  Dressing nicely is a nod to the dignity of my work.   Dwija has a great post about that idea here as does Dana here.  And I LOVE Jennifer’s post here.
  • Dressing nicely shows respect for myself.  A great post on this topic is “Why Frumpy Makes You Grumpy.”  On the flip-side, discounting what I wear just around the house or just to the grocery store is a short and slippery slope to a really horrible place.

  • Dressing nicely shows respect for my husband.  I mean:

Said no husband.  Ever.


  • Dressing nicely shows respect for those around me.

  • Finally, don’t you want to be like this chick?

Via CalsidyRose on Flickr

P.S. This post needs two huge caveats.  First, if anyone had told me all this for my first 6 (or 9 or 12) months postpartum, I would’ve smacked ’em upside the head.  So if you have a new baby, or if you’re sick, or under a lot of stress, or exhausted for whatever reason, this isn’t intended for you.  Also, my definition of “dressing nicely” is very liberal.  Anything above the pajama pants and Crocs gets an “A” for effort in my book.

Aaaaand, because this list just happens (*wink*) to have five items in it, I’m joining  Hallie for her Five Favorites link up.

13 thoughts on “Style and the SAHM: Five Reasons It Matters

  1. I love this post. I was dressing frumpy for about a year after baby #1, shorts, old over-sized t-shirt and flip flops. My closet was full of nice confortable clothes I could wear even if I was staying home all day but I used to say I was saving them for a special occasion. Now I wear them everyday because staying home with my kids is a special occasion, I put on a little make-up, straighten my bangs, splash on some perfume and I feel so much better 😀

  2. this is great! it inspired me to dig out some of my roomier clothes: it feels good to look nice, maybe even especially when i don’t feel so hot!

  3. I am not a stay at home Mom. I am still a teenager who works as a nanny. But you have inspired me so much to dress a lot nicer. The temptation to dress sloppy is present for all of us. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I have noticed such a difference in my life when I dress nice and actually do my hair! Things like this are important and I am so happy you are doing this despite the business of being a Mom and all that goes with that. Good for you! 🙂

  4. HA! I had to show the meme to Jacob. My uniform recently has been a new pair of cut off shorts because a. it’s over 100 degrees here and b. they’re the only pair of shorts that don’t dig into my postpartum gut and c. … well, yeah. that’s all.

    But I know you didn’t write this post for me … 😉

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