Snacking, Blogging, and Telltale Signs of a Disordered Life {7QT}

— 1 —

The other night at 11pm, I found myself standing at the kitchen counter, eating cold, leftover pot roast and potatoes straight out of the crock pot, and it reminded me of this article.

I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings: Gorging on Kit Kats and pot roast lets you overindulge while still getting the kids off to school                                  Essay by Caitlin Moran

— 2 —

That actually was a while ago now.  Since then, I’ve read this book:

and this book:

There’s a lot I’d like to say, eventually, about both, but my main takeaway from both is, to quote Ms. Scott,

“Snacking is so not chic.”

— 3 —

So I was very motivated there for a while and cut out almost all snacking.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected, and I dropped a couple extra pounds I hoped to get rid of . . . .

— 4 —

And then it became that time of the month before that time of the month and the kids got particularly testy and now I’m all like:

and also:

except that wine isn’t so much of an issue, and really any food will do if there’s no chocolate to be had.  And somehow the healthy, 90% cocoa dark chocolate just doesn’t hit the spot like MnMs do.

— 5 —

And this all just adds to the general feeling I’ve had lately of my life being disordered.

— 6 —

And whenever I reach a particularly low point I think, “That’s it!  Blogging hiatus!  Must stay off the computer.”  But I can’t tear myself away.    But I’m planning to limit my posts to whatever I can write in one stretch once a week.  (I think this is how Rachel Meeks does it.)  My Saintly Mother-in-Law often takes the girls one afternoon a week, and if that doesn’t work out, my Saintly Husband often gives me some time off on the weekend.  So I’ll just bang out as many posts as I can in one sitting, schedule them in advance, and then try to focus on life and not snacking.  We’ll see how it goes.

— 7 —

On a related note, I’m going to respond to blog comments in the comment box from here on out.  So, if you feel so kind as to write a comment, please be sure to click “subscribe to follow-up comments” (or whatever it is) if you care to read my reply.  I admire other bloggers who respond to comments by email, because it’s more personal.  But I can respond in the combox with one click on my phone.  Responding by email, on the other hand, is a multi-step process.  I tend to put it off and then forget.  I’d rather not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so I’m sticking with the com box.  (Sometimes I might respond by email in order to have more of a conversation, if time permits . . . but often it doesn’t.)

If you are still reading this, God bless your patient heart, and go to  Conversion Diary for something more interesting!


19 thoughts on “Snacking, Blogging, and Telltale Signs of a Disordered Life {7QT}

  1. I’ve been having feeling like I need more order around here lately. I’m reading “A Mother’s Rule of Life” which has some helpful suggestions so far, but I can’t the feeling that the author and I could never even have a conversation, because we’re so different.

    • It is an AWESOME BOOK, and if you can get your rule down, it is really amazing. My life is always changing so much that every time I think I’ve got it, we totally shift our schedule. I go back to work, kids activities shift, and I can’t get it together again for a while. But it is so full of neat little notes that ring in my ear as I’m trying to create and maintain order and your rule can be built around your style as well.

      • Maybe I will read it after all. I’m nervous bc my kids seem to pick up on all my attempts at creating a routine and find a way to thwart it … Often by getting sick. Little stinkers. 😉

    • I’ve heard a lot about that book but I’m afraid to read it! I heard a little talk where it was summarized. Something about “three Ps” but I forget what the Ps stand for .. . should have taken notes! I do know prioritizing your prayer life is a big part, and I’ve been working on that.

  2. Interesting, I’m a lot better about responding via email because I get the comments via email and it’s easier to respond that way than to click alllll the way over to blogger 😛 But that might just be a big difference between blogger and wordpress! In any case, I understand any time you can’t respond to a comment – it gets a little stressful sometimes when there seem to be a million!

  3. That first article was so interesting. I’ve definitely been guilty of compulsive eating in the past,and it does make a lot of sense how it is an activity that “carers” do, because they can still remain functional. It was a very interesting perspective…I do find for myself that I’m more likely to compulsively eat if I’ve been actively dieting for a long time. Which I think is the other part of the puzzle..that too restrictive dieting leads to compulsive eating.

  4. “eat all the things!” makes me smile, big. And I care not for what someone says about snacking, I will be getting my chocolate chip cookie and milk on right now. No, it won’t be chic, but it will be delicious.

  5. I just wanted to say you are too hard on yourself! Being a mom can be stressful and a little snacking as a way to cope isn’t too bad… definitely not disordered 😉 Some women take breaks by going to the gym, getting a Starbucks, working outside the home, using preschool, etc. etc…everyone is just trying to get through having little ones dependent on you 24/7 & I admire moms that stick with trying to stay home part/full time. Also, you are super thin & take really good care of your appearance. I hope you don’t take a break from blogging because I love your outfit posts. Anyway, I also read that book “A Mother’s Rule of Life”. It is great for goal oriented people like me that like goals, routines, but tailored for little kids & your vocation as a mom (vs. like in a career where everything is tangible/measureable). So not sure if that would fit what you’re looking for but I really liked the focus on identifying & meeting your family’s needs (yours, your husband’s & your kids) & making time for prayer/your own spiritually. For me, my daily goals became naps/outside time for kids, teach them their prayers, do morning offering ea. morning for myself, cook dinner for my husband, walk 3x week for myself… stuff like that. Not really a schedule just routines for a happy family.

    • Wow. Thanks for your kind words Lauren!!. … i like the goals you described. I notice I do best if I avoid trying to achieve a schedule but instead focus on goals and having a predictable rhythm to our days.

  6. I was dying laughing about the snacking (hits way too close to home, ha). I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to lose my med school + post-wedding weight and have tried to cut out carb-heavy snacks but snacking on things like apples, yogurt, and cheese sticks helps me eat healthier I think…

  7. Eat all the Things!!! YeSSSSSS!!! I hear you sister. I’ve been trying very hard to moderate and stop snacking (that baby weight needs to come off somehow…), but with chronic sleep deprivation, a nursing newborn, three kids three and under still at home, a transition away from any regular childcare, and well, you get the idea. Eat.all.the.things. I’m currently on a Flipz craze. So, so bad.

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