Food*Art*Friendship*Family*Baby*Bear*Coffee*Food: Two Great Weekends

The past two weekends were so lovely.  At the risk of being cloying, I just have to share.  I am so grateful.

The Saturday before last, I got the entire day off to spend with my dear friend, Seana.  I haven’t kept in touch with many people from law school, but I’m so glad she and I have.   To celebrate our shared birthday, we lived it up with a little European cultural tour.

We viewed some of the Dutch masters:

Descent From The Cross, Rembrandt Workshop (Probably Constantijn van Renesse)

and of the French:

Fourteen Year Old Little Dancer, by Edgar Degas

and a little Norwegian Expressionism:

Madonna, Edvard Munch

because we’re edgy like that.



We took our edgy selves out for some Spanish tapas:

Edgy tapas restaurant

We dined on watermelon gazpacho, scallops, steak and salad, all of which were so delicious I couldn’t bear to stop eating and take a picture.

We topped it off with some gelato for a taste of Italy (via family dairy farmers in Pennsylvania):

Definitely worth turning 31.


The following weekend I flew to Dallas (and boy are my arms tired!! yuk yuk), to see the Romancing Reilly’s:


The last time I saw them was at their wedding, and now they have this guy:


They put me up in a well-guarded guest chamber:


They spoiled me with delicious meals:


Why yes, that is bacon-wrapped, grilled corn on the cob: Hello!

We went to Mass at the Cistercian Abbey and, let me tell you, I never have seen a better-dressed bunch of Mass-goers.  The whole congregation could be a special feature for What I Wore Sunday.

My visit ended on a sweet and nostalgic note, as we pretended to be undergraduates again, enjoying the delicacies of the famous Capp Bar . . . .

IMG_2981 IMG_2977

then sprinting barefoot, through the rain, back to Martha’s apartment.  (We were pushing a baby buggy, and I never actually attended that particular university, but still . . . .)

Despite my frolicking hither and yon, my own babies were well taken care of, thanks to this guy:


to whom, for the second year in a row, I award this coveted prized:

Thank you so much Honey!

And thank you, Mary, at Atelier, for hosting your weekend diaries link up!

6 thoughts on “Food*Art*Friendship*Family*Baby*Bear*Coffee*Food: Two Great Weekends

      • Oh, this could have been the Five Favorites post I was too lazy to write today! I guess they’re mostly in Irving, and I like them for sentimental reasons. I love the canal walk in Las Colinas, the duck pond down MacAurthur near campus and (actually in Dallas) the Uptown area with all its shops and bars.

  1. Ahhhh!!! Hi Laura, I’m just now getting a chance to read your blog–my week was so crazy that I wasn’t able to read anything but legislation all week! 😦 I love this post! 🙂 And all the cool pictures. Thanks so much for coming to DC to celebrate our birthdays, my friend! P.S. Also, thanks for mentioning the “turning 31.” It will convince everyone that I’m younger than I actually am! Ha, ha.

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