Whad’ya Know? We’re Hipsters! {Five Favorites}


1. My new glasses.  Obviously.

2. Pat wears this shirt:

IMG_2985 IMG_2986

. . . ironically.  Because he hates Windows.  Almost as much as he hates Apple.  He only uses Linux.  Which, of course, you’ve never heard of.

3.  One of my favorite bands of all time is so obscure . . .

it doesn’t actually exist.

4.  Forget Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Those who are truly counter-cultural drink . . .


generic brand unflavored seltzer water.

5. To maintain their hipster cred  upon becoming parents, some may dress their tykes in shirts emblazoned with the likeness of Chairman Mao or Che Guevara.  We prefer Life Is Good Santa Claus Monkey long-johns



. . . in blue . . . for our girl . . . in July. . . . Never mind, you wouldn’t get it.

Now head over to Hallie’s blog, Moxie Wife, for some less ridiculous Five Favorites posts.

26 thoughts on “Whad’ya Know? We’re Hipsters! {Five Favorites}

  1. I dress my girl in A LOT of blue…it’s my fav color! But that plus her cue ball head = tons of old ladies saying “that’s a mighty pretty baby boy!!”

  2. How did I forget about The Wonders? Love them! I may have to put them on my work playlist for the rest of the day…

    (Hoping over here from Moxie Wife!)

  3. My husband has a Linux box, so I feel your code-monkey pain. 😉 Love the new specs! That blue is fantastic. I’m feeling ultra boring in my brown frames now!

  4. Oh, my gosh – I love the Oneders! I got to see a sneak preview when I was in college, and it was the best thing ever. Where does one find generic seltzer water? Since being in Italy, we love to keep sparkling water in the house, but it kind of gets expensive. And this has nothing to do with your “hipster” fives, but I LOVE that meme of Darcy. Where might I find it to put on my website?!? (If I may at all…)

  5. Haha! Pat would!
    I didn’t even notice the pajamas; I was too distracted by those chubby cheeks and curly little ringlets! G1 and G2 need some serious smooches from their Auntie Eileen!

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