7 Pressing Concerns

— 1 —

Girl 2 wakes us up each morning at 6 o’clock on the blippin’ nose.  How to stop this?

— 2 —

Where should I sell my wedding dress?


And the dress I wore to my sister’s wedding?


Both were perfect for their respective occasions but I won’t be needing them again.

— 3 —

Why is my grocery bill over $1000 a month?  This amount includes diapers and paper products and toothpaste, etc., but that still seems like a lot.

— 4 —

Can I save money and yet stick with our eating plan by shopping at Aldi?  (This lady seems to think so.)  I went there this morning and am about to do a big price comparison.

— 5 —

How annoyed were the other shoppers by Girl 1’s belting out Sound of Music tunes over and over again?

— 6 —

I got an email this morning from my around-the-corner neighbor, with whom I am friendly.  She is going to be induced today at 42 weeks + 3 days.  I knew her due date had passed.  If I weren’t on the computer so much, would I have thought to give her a call and see how she was doing?

— 7 —

Will you please still read my blog even after all this drivel?

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25 thoughts on “7 Pressing Concerns

  1. Yes, I will keep reading your blog.
    I thought it was a minor miracle our grocery expenses were down to $850, and we do cloth diapers, so it would be equivalent to yours being $900. I think it’s just much more expensive when you avoid processed stuff, unfortunately. But, it will pay for itself with years of better health, right? That’s what I tell Oskar.

  2. I perused Once Wed and Recycled Bride for my and my bridesmaids dresses – no dice for me, but I’m pretty sure one of the girls found hers there. Like wedding Craig’s List 🙂

    Also, we cloth diaper but primarily shop at Costco, Sharp Shopper in Win., and Aldi’s. Sharp Shopper is my new favorite place – I rarely get anything that costs more than $2-3, and I’m amazed when my full cart only tallies at $50.

    And I will read your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Beth! I went to Sharp Shopper once. The prices are impressive but the inventory fluctuates and our grocery list stays pretty much the same week to week. It’s probably worth a second try tho, and Costco too.

  3. As far as #1 goes…maybe blackout curtains?

    And, I think your grocery bill is expensive because food is expensive…especially good food. It’s way more expensive to eat whole, healthy foods than not…especially if you are buying a lot of produce. Produce can really add up.

    • We have double-layer curtains on top of blackout curtains on top of miniblinds. 😛 And yes, produce really does add up. Especially fruit. My girls (and I) can go through a pint of blueberries plus half a pound of apples in a day, and then some.

  4. 1. I have that kid. Nothing stops it. But try putting her to bed earlier.
    2. double-Gorgeous!
    3. Hidden inflation due to quantitative easing + high energy costs.
    4. Please report back, I could never bring myself to shop there.
    5. If they are like me they thought it was AWESOME and joined in singing under their breath.
    6. No.
    7. Yes.

    (I know you don’t really care what I think, but your post is too tempting! =) I love your blog, btw, it’s one of my 4 regular reads).

  5. Yes, I will keep reading your blog 🙂 I’ve only just been reading it for about three weeks or the last time you posted about the Mom Uniform and I love that topic and still have to go back and read everything you’ve posted about that. I would also love to sell a lot of gowns I’ve worn to weddings but I have no idea how or where 😦

  6. I am an ALDI girl. SOMETIMES I am healthy-but if I was always healthy, I could be that way at ALDI. I go to ALDI for produce- usually buying the sale fruits/veggies. I buy the bagged Romaine and spinach and frozen fruit some too. The almonds are super cheap compared to other places. I buy the ground beef, don’t know how you feel about fat content, but the higher fat frozen beef chubs are cheap! I buy the eggs, spinach, plain and vanilla yogurt, and whole chicken. The frozen fish fillets are wild caught. I do ALDI first and buy everything I need, then go hit my other store for manager specials, markdowns, and really good sales. I usually cook low/no grain soups, quiches, salads, fajitas, and stir-frys for my family. I cannot tell you how much money I save by shopping there all the time. Just come with your own bags, a quarter, and cash or a pin number.

    I see you do a lot of paleo-ish meals and I try to cook paleo-ish for my kids and I. We do too! I have got to check that out! So yes, I will still follow your blog.

  7. I had three or four bridesmaids dresses in my closet. Moving forced me to pare down, but I just gave them to goodwill. I think a lot of our stuff could have had some retail value, but time seemed to be of greater worth.

    I’m still keeping my wedding dress — I like it too much. Don’t you think your girls would be interested in it, if even for sentimental reasons?

    • Maybe . . . I like to think of it as timeless, but likely it will seem dated in 20 or howevermany years. Mom still had hers and I tried it on, just for kicks, but didn’t really consider wearing it. . . . It’s just depressing/insightful how little value clothing has once you’ve worn it once.

  8. 5. I’m sure not at all! They probably all thought it was incredibly cute. And I’m not just saying that because I think she’s one of the cutest people ever! 😉

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