Men’s “Fashion,” Gluten-Free Bread, and Occupational Therapy: All In One Post, Lucky You! {7QT}

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I enjoyed this piece in the Wall Street Journal, a sort of “but the emperor has no clothes!” observation on men’s fashion.   I especially like that it calls out the dress-shoes-with-no-socks thing.  I so very much do not get that.  Speaking of which . . .

— 2 —

Is this not the worst thing you’ve ever seen?

J. Crew Summer 2013, image via

Well, no this is:

Actually, even that’s not the worst.  The worst was in the J. Crew July 2013 catalog: guy wearing tight denim jacket over floral blouse with rolled up pants, no socks, and white dress shoes.  I just spent half an hour looking for it but can’t find it.    Half and hour wasted in search of ugliness.

— 3 —

Moving on . . . .

Girl 2 has had eczema on her wrists for, roughly, the last ten months.  On a hunch, I stopped feeding her gluten and–voila–eczema gone.

— 4 —

I’m trying not to wallow in mother guilt: Pat and I have followed (mostly) a gluten-free diet since October, but I’ve still fed the girls bread and such.

Girl 1 had eczema, too, when she was the same age.  We eliminated gluten from her diet for a while but it didn’t seem to help.  Girl 1’s eczema went away on its own.  So I kind of presumed Girl 2 wasn’t sensitive to gluten, either.  Poor kid has always been kind of fussy and a bad sleeper, and she’s been on antibiotics several times in her young life, and I wonder if it’s all related and . . .

— 5 —

Yeah, trying to avoid mother guilt.

— 6 —

I’m used to cooking gluten-free for all of our main meal, but it’s hard to get away from sandwiches when I need something quick and filling for the girls.  I’ve tried GF breads from the supermarket, but they were distasteful and expensive.  So, hooray for this:

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free bread mix

which I made in the bread machine just yesterday.  Really really yummy.  (When it’s warm anyway.  Heat it up once it gets cold.)  Not compliant with Pat’s and my diet, but at least it won’t irritate Girl 2.

— 7 —

Girl 1 had her first occupational therapy appointment today.  It went well.  The therapist doesn’t think she has a big problem–maybe not Sensory Integration Dysfunction per se–but she acknowledged the issues I pointed out and said she thinks a few sessions plus some “homework” can help.   This is pretty much what I hoped for: nothing insurmountable but also not all in my head.

Thank you, Jen at Conversion Diary, for hosting today’s link up and giving me an excuse for stringing so many random topics in one post!

22 thoughts on “Men’s “Fashion,” Gluten-Free Bread, and Occupational Therapy: All In One Post, Lucky You! {7QT}

  1. Good for you for going with your hunch regarding the gluten. There’s no need to feel guilty for not thinking of it sooner! Really. So often, food sensitivities/allergies show up differently from one person to the next. For me, I’ve noticed eating gluten leads to an increase in general anxiety, indecisiveness, and doubting myself. For my sister with Celiac, she notices no emotional/behavioral changes but has intense pains in her stomach. Such different symptoms but the same root cause. Just curious, but have you considered trying out eliminating dairy from Girl 1’s diet to see if that helps with her behavior? Also, a friend of mine had luck eliminating all foods and vitamin supplements that had Red dye (I forget the #. 40 or 5?) in them from her child’s diet. Best wishes and prayers for the occupational therapy w/Girl 1.

    • Same with me on the gluten…eating gluten leads to an increase in anxiety and worries.

      Anyway, good for you for figuring it out and no need to feel guilty. I know a lot of people with celiac or a gluten intolerance how go YEARS before they figure it out.

      As far as GF bread goes, I really like Udi’s…for when making your own becomes a big much.

      And, yep..those men’s fashions are just hideous..really..WHAT are they thinking?

      • Thanks Amelia. Your natural remedies site is what got me thinking. You have something about how eczema always has a root cause. I knew this but, since we never found the root cause of girl 1s and it went away on its own, I hadn’t really been motivated to investigate the cause of girl 2’s.

    • That’s so interesting how gluten affects you and your sister differently. I cut out dairy for a while for Girl 1 several years ago, with no noticeable effect. I’ve cut out cow milk for Girl 2, because it makes her constipated, but she still gets some cheese and butter. I should just cut out all dairy for both of them, for a while, and see what happens. I’m just dreading it because Girl 1 is so picky. It’s hard to find things she likes that don’t have gluten or dairy. Trying to get her to eat something she doesn’t want to eat OR letting her get hungry –> WWIII.

  2. Amen! I’m such a J. Crew lover that I sometimes hate admitting that certain looks are flat-out cray cray, but you’re so right! It’s freeing! Haha, have a good weekend and I hope therapy continues to help your daughter!

  3. Those pants are heinous. The designer must be consuming way too much gluten.
    But seriously, about gluten- I cut it out by about 80% of the gluten I was eating a year ago and noticed a huge difference with my health. I’ve been working on Oskar, to get the whole family gluten free for a few months to see if everyone’s health improves.

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t post about the “man skirt” too. LOL! It was up there on the odd looks for men-not a kilt but a skirt. 🙂 It took us a while to find out which foods were affecting out little ones too. My daughter is definitely lactose intolerant, but how do we deny her ice cream-small amounts and probiotics. I enjoyed your stream of random thoughts. I may have to add this. Sometimes, we all have those random thoughts to share. Happy Friday!

  5. That’s so interesting about the gluten. Thanks for the tip on the Red Mill mix I’ve been looking for a good recipe that was gluten free for my bread maker that didn’t take me 85 different types of “flours”. We have yet to find a store bought kind that anyone likes.

    Have you ever heard of the GAPS diet? Its suppose to do wonderful things. Our doctor recommended it for our son, I plan on trying it in a few months for the whole family once baby#6 is born and settled into a routine so I can have to time to deal w/ the menu.

    Also don’t feel guilty about the gluten issue our doctor told me that w/ allergies and sensitivities it takes time for these things to build up so you can literally go from being able to tolerate something one day to not being able to tolerate it the next.

    So happy to hear the OT said what you hoped she would say! What a relief! Again she sounds so much like my 3rd son! Not a DX of being an actual sensory kid, but just quirky enough to cause mom to worry. The more time goes on and the more we work w/ him the more “normal” he gets. Like telling people to listen to him or making eye contact in an effort to get you to laugh at him.

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