Mastering the Tied Shirtfront Look {WIWS}

A few weeks ago I wore this:


Trying to achieve this look (shown here by my sister Martha; betcha’d never guess she was six months pregnant in this shot!):

But I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result.  I tried again this week, buttoning one less button, so that the shirt tied higher and more snug around the waist (Stacy and Clinton are always right: define the waist, define the waist, define the waist!).

chambray button-down pencil skirt tied front

Better, I think.

I tried it out with my leopard print scarf a few different ways but decided I liked a simpler look best.

IMG_3026 IMG_3043

By the way, this was the lighting in the photo originally:



chambray button-down pencil skirt tied front


I am a complete novice at photo editing, but I love what I learned to do so far, just by fiddling with the editing tools in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Bonus question: what have I erased completely from the edited shot?

Thanks to the ladies at FL&P for hosting today’s link up!


26 thoughts on “Mastering the Tied Shirtfront Look {WIWS}

  1. Love it! I never thought tied shirts would come back (it gives me a grade-school flashback every time I do it!), but it’s such a flattering look!

  2. I had no idea that this was your blog! You looked super cute at mass (love the skirt!). And by the way, when you greeted me I was so happy to recognize someone that I stalled out at “Hi”. Why? Because I’m socially inept before imbibing a jug of coffee. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Nicely done!

    With the tying of the shirt and the erasing of the doohickey on the wall (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term).

    When I was in elementary school we used those super classy plastic, glitter-coated circles to thread our shirts into for that cinched up look……I hope someone intervenes if things go that far….or if you see me matching my jellies, to my socks, to my stirrup pants to my scrunchie… was I one stylish little lady 🙂

  4. I like the tied shirt look! I tie a button-down over a camisole sometimes for casual days, but I’ve never found a dress I liked it with. Your plain one looks really good, though, so I think maybe my mistake has been trying it with patterns.

  5. Mind = blown. No really, I’m going to be tying my shirts much higher from now on! Ummm, and don’t hate me for noticing, but I love you keeping it real with the wet hair.

  6. The meter on the neighbor’s wall!

    Cute look; I’ve finally jumped into chambray-shirt-wearing-territory, but I have no evidence because today’s WIWS pictures were lost in a hormonal “I don’t really look that way!” pregancy episode.

  7. I like the tied shirt look…and it is so flattering. It is definitely better tied a bit higher up. I’ve got a bunch of button down shirts I’m going to start trying to tie once the weather gets cool enough to wear longer-sleeves.

    And, it is really sad that I get all my fashion advice from WIWS blogs??

    • Haha, I think it’s a good thing. I figure, the WIWS crowd is comprised of real people, with real bodies, real lives . . . so what works for someone else there might actually work for me. 🙂

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