Sponsored Posts Poll, SPIDERS, and (Non) Sexy Shoes {7QT}

— 1 —

This past week, for the first time, I got offers to do “sponsored posts,” where a merchant sends me a product for free in exchange for my writing a post about it. Up until now, all I’ve gotten are requests for free publicity (which, by the way, I ignore).

I’m $0.99 in the hole for this blog, having bought an iPhone picture editing app. If you count the hours and hours I spend, calculated at my rate as an attorney, I am definitely thousands and thousands in the hole. That’s probably not an accurate calculation because even if I didn’t blog I probably wouldn’t do more legal work than I am now. Still, it would be nice to make some $ for my time. Also, I’d eventually like to upgrade my blogging platform and get rights to “thisfelicitouslife.com” without the pesky “wordpress” in there. But that has a price.

So yeah, it would be nice to make a little moolah, or at least free stuff. I kind of agree with Grace that “if you can make some mascara money off of your blog . . . that’s great.” Of course if she makes mascara money, I’m looking at . . . bubble gum ball money. But that’s okay, I like bubble gum.


WordPress don’t ‘low no sponsored posts ’round here/

WordPress don’t ‘low no sponsored posts ’round here/

We don’t care what wordpress don’t ‘low/

We’ll do those sponsored posts any- . . .

Uh, no, actually, I won’t.  No sponsored posts for me.  Never mind.

— 2 —

So, I guess you can see which way I’m leaning. Still, I ask you, as an academic matter:

On a related note, this article “Ten Things That Make Your Blog a Hot Mess,” has some good tips, I think.

— 3 —

I went spider egg hunting Thursday.


We have (what seems to me) an infestation in our basement. A dead black widow showed up in front of my washing machine last year. Scared the crap out of me. I called the exterminator, who looked around and said, basically, “You don’t have a real problem. Don’t waste your money hiring me to spray.” I appreciated the honesty. Gotta love a small town, family-run business.

Also, I called the pediatrician before the exterminator, to ask about the toxicity of having the basement sprayed. The dr. said not to bother, because we probably have “tens of thousands” of black widows in our yard.


So fortunately this year all I’ve seen are HUGE ugly wolf spiders and various other non-black widows. But still, they don’t belong in my basement.

— 4 —

Girl 1 had a little friend over a few weeks ago. They were playing in our basement/toy room area and saw a spider. I was busy (blogging) and didn’t feel like getting off my tush, traipsing downstairs, and killing a spider for them. Theys saw it; they weren’t about to touch it. Even if it were poisonous, it’s not like it was going to attack them.

Anyway, Girl 1’s friend said, “At my house, my daddy always kills spiders.”

Me: “Does your daddy get up from what he’s doing and go downstairs and kill them every time you see one?”

Little friend: *Pause* “Umm, we don’t really have spiders at my house.”

Good for you.

— 5 —

On Tuesday I made the girls Play-Doh (again!), using a different recipe by following this video (which Girl 1 enjoyed watching over and over). They girls played with it and ate it. I wasn’t worried because it’s non-toxic. I fondly remember the super-salty taste of the play dough my mom made years ago for me. But then . . . .

— 6 —

Girl 2’s eczema flared up again, a little. Oh yeah, homemade playdough is made with flour which has, duh, gluten . . . .

Her eczema still comes and goes since then. Is it remnants of the playdough in her system? Is it tomatoes (those definitely affect her somewhat)? Pineapple? Apples? Dairy? Eggs? Is her skin just sensitive to everything?

I kind of wish I were not so overeducated or of a different generation, so I could just feed her Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and red KoolAid with a clear conscience. But I’m not. So I can’t. So I don’t.

I’m trying to keep her on a limited diet for the next few days, sticking with foods I’m sure are safe, to try and pinpoint the irritants. But it’s hard to do with Ms. Picky around as the big sister.

— 7 —

Anyway, enough kvetching. Good news: my ugly sandals are chic! Christina Binkley of the Wall Street Journal says so! Apparently, my sandals say “I am woman. Hear me shout: My feet are happy.” Boo-yeah. Or at least, they almost are chic. Turns out, my sandals should be comfortable without being “actual comfort shoes.” Whatev, Ms. Binkley. What. Ev.

Have a good weekend! Thank you, Jen at Conversion Diary, for hosting today’s yesterday’s link up!

12 thoughts on “Sponsored Posts Poll, SPIDERS, and (Non) Sexy Shoes {7QT}

  1. “I kind of wish I were not so overeducated or of a different generation, so I could just feed her Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and red KoolAid with a clear conscience. But I’m not. So I can’t. So I don’t.”

    Dude..I can so relate to this. Sometimes I really wish I could just order pizza and feed frozen chicken nuggets and all that without worrying about HFCS and preservatives and gluten and artificial colors and GMO’s, etc, etc., etc.

  2. Don’t know much about allergies, but I know bananas, kiwi, avocados, and tomatoes all share a compound that some people are allergic too, so maybe one of those is affecting Girl 2??
    Darn- that’s a bummer about the sponsored posts! I had not idea WP had a policy about them.
    And spiders- in MY perfect world, they would not exist! (cue my husband telling me all the bugs they kill) 😛

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