Midnight Musings {7QT}

— 1 —

Apparently there is a cat-fight-trying-hard-not-to-be-a-catfight in the Catholic mommy blogger world.  Do you like your mommy blogs upbeat and shiny happy perfect?  Or do you like Catholic Mom Doomsday blogs (phrase courtesy of Kendra)?  I prefer my blogs a bit on the doomsday side, but I reserve the right to be annoyed by whomever I want.

— 2 —

On a related note, Rosie makes the simple yet oft-forgotten (by me!) point that if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.  I need to have this engraved on all my web-browsing devices.

— 3 —

And although her blog is the shiny happy perfect type that I ordinarily don’t like to read so much, I was so touched by Sheena’s post here.  You go on being you!

— 4 —

Speaking of people being themselves, another topic making the rounds is the Myers-Briggs personality test.  There are several freebies floating around the internet.  The first one I took said I’m an INTJ, which puts me in good company with Vlad Putin.  Apparently, very very few women have this personality type and I was feeling pretty psyched about my bad self.  Then I took another one and it said I am an ISTJ, which is more common, and makes me more like Scully from the X-Files, and this is less exciting.  And then I looked at this quick version, and I wonder if I am a “F” rather than a “T” because all of these “F” qualities apply, I think:

  • Kind
  • Closer to “bleeding heart” than “ice in the veins”
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Emotional reaction to conflicts
  • Want to be seen as warm, sensitive and sincere
  • Compassion above truth.

I’m nice!  Really I am!

— 5 —

And all this is a sign that I really need to go to bed.

— 6 —

My brother has been visiting for a few days, and he is just a peach.  He watches the girls while I nap, does the dishes, watches the girls some more, does some more dishes, watches the girls some more while I nap again.  (I don’t see my siblings nearly enough and somehow I nap away half of our visits, even visits with a sister I haven’t seen in over a year.)

— 7 —

I did an elimination diet of sorts for Girl 2 and re-introduced wheat two days ago (background hereand here, if you are interested).  No sign of a reaction.  Her eczema has not reappeared.  This is how I feel at this point:

HOmer head exploding

Have a good weekend! Thank you, Jen at Conversion Diary, for hosting today’s yesterday’s link up!



25 thoughts on “Midnight Musings {7QT}

  1. Can I just say that I’m going to be really weirdly proud if that phrase catches on?

    I just spent a week at my sister’s house and napped every day. Hooray for siblings AND naps.

  2. That quick Meyers Briggs test is not good. I have taken many Meyers Briggs tests including a professional one and I am always an INFP. But trying to answer those questions would have me believe I could be an Extroverted thinker which is just ludicrous. Take a test that asks you lots of questions with different wording about how you would act in specific situations. Don’t try to self evaluate about generalities.

    And mommy catholic blog cat fights!? Ugh! So glad I didn’t notice.

  3. Hello Laura! I for one loved your late night post… It came in the evening for me out here (I skipped town and moved to Montana!) which was so nice! Most of the time the new blog posts come right about the time I SUPPOSED to be making Mark dinner. Hope you’re doing great! — Amelia

  4. I think the whole discussion is so funny! Read what appeals, don’t read the rest…am I missing something?
    As a perpetual optimist, I do enjoy cheerier blogs more – mostly because I think how I read, so if I read lots of complaints and struggles…that’s how I start to see my life.
    The blogosphere is getting so introspective!

    • Funny how different people can read the same thing and have such different reactions! … Maybe it’s just that so many people write interesting blogs. I easily get sucked in even if its not really what I need I be reading at a particular phase in life.

  5. Myers-Briggs stuff has always interested me. I’ve been tested 3 or 4 times and always come out an INFJ, which I think is generally agreed upon being the rarest and most emotional personality type. I need to be with and help people in a meaningful way, but also get really stressed out by conflict. So in order to feel fulfilled, I must make myself uncomfortable. Yay!!
    What’s really weird is that my husband is an ISTJ, which is supposedly the LEAST compatible personality type for an INFJ. I think we work because our “J’s” are the same.
    Regarding your comments on being a “F” and not a “T”, I think the F/T determination can be tricky because the tests use your answers to classify you, and sometimes we would like to think we use logic more than feeling, but as we go about our day perhaps we use “F” more? I know I do, but for non-headcase types it may be harder to discern.
    Anyway, I’ve been a little distant from blog happenings recently because real life was busy, and was surprised to come back to find all the strong opinions on mom blog styles. I think it really comes down to people’s personalities coming out in their blog styles, and let’s face it, we’re not all meant to be best buddies. DRAMA up in here! My favorite blogs are the ones that feel most authentic, like the writer’s quirks and interests are what they let shine. A few are happy and a few are doomsday, but I think they are all honest. Because must hate myself a little, I read a few blogs that really annoy me, but only comment on the blogs I actually like.
    Now you get to feel special. 😉

    • Nevermind. I decided to do some sleuthing and it didn’t take long to see what I had missed. Not upset I missed it. I think I agree with all the 846320356 people who’ve said this: “Read what you want to read.” I’m so stinkin’ lazy I hardly READ anything now and just use the internet as my giant Pinterest site. I’m revealing my shallowness the more I type so I will end this with a big fat period.

  6. Every time I ask my husband to take some sort of temperament test, personality test, love language test, etc…he responds, “I don’t take those stupid tests, what does that make me.” And he doesn’t take them so it takes me double the amount of time to take the tests because I take one for me and then one for him. Hm, what does that make me?

  7. 🙂 I guess I’ll take “shiny happy perfect type” as a compliment and thank you back for your sweet compliment. Funny thing about my positive attitude, I don’t generally read blogs that are happy and sweet allthetime…I like sarcasm with a little (or a lot) of reality mixed in…and how-to blogs but I guess that’s a given considering my blog. 🙂 Thanks for linking to me Laura!

  8. Hi Laura! For what it’s worth, my guess would be that you’re an ISFJ! 🙂 I’m an INFJ, and one of the attributes of an INFJ is that I’m supposedly good at detecting other peoples’ personalities. Ha, ha.

    • So interesting! I took yet another test, supposedly an “official” one and sure enough I came out ISFJ. Reading the description, I think that is more accurate than the other results. Pat agreed.

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