Fall Momiform Preview {7QT}

— 1 —

In the Fall a young mom’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . .

— 2 —


Katie Holmes blazer

(I can’t figure out how to insert it on this page, but you can see my Pinterest board here.)

— 3 —

And cardigans:


(Style board here.)

— 4 —

And the Rule of Three.

Rachel defines the Rule as wearing three pieces: a top, a bottom, and an accessory (like a scarf).

Elsewhere (can’t find a link) I’ve read it defined as three pieces on your top half: a top, a sweater or blazer or something, and an accessory.

Rachel’s Rule of Three is all I can handle in the heat of the summer (top, bottom and a necklace).

But once the weather allows, I do like the way a jacket spiffs up my mom uniform:

IMG_3252 IMG_3251 IMG_3247

— 5 —

And to dark-wash, straight-legged jeans (edgier-than-I Shana says they’re cool, so they must be).

I just bought a pair of these.

LOFT curvy straight-leg jeans

They aren’t as tight as they look in the picture.   I’ll report back once I’ve worn and washed them.  But I wanted to let you know that they’re 40% off through 8/18/13 (promo code: FRIENDS).

 I’m not crazy about LOFT’s quality lately, but I’ve heard good things about their curvy skinnies.  These curvy straight-legs are slim-fitting enough to tuck into boots.  But they aren’t so tight as to create a “piano leg” effect on those of us with thighs that are . . . um . . . voluptuous.

The look on Pat’s face was priceless when he read the tag on my jeans once: “Curvy straight. . . .   Curvy . . . straight?”

— 6 —

Stacy and Clinton say that the most flattering jeans for most people are straight-leg or trouser styles.  Always in dark wash.  Always.  I agree.

So why is it that these are so hard to find, and everywhere I turn I see (1) bootcut jeans and (2) skinnies with (3) whiskering, fading, light-wash, blah blah blah? The fashion industry is against us, I tell you.  They create unflattering trends that we won’t feel good in, making us eager to try whatever the next trend is.

— 7 —

Blazer, cardigan, jeans and possibly some new shoes.  I think I’ll have to limit my Fall wardrobe additions to that.  Oh, never mind, scratch the shoes.  What I need most is a new bag.  My current one is pitiful to behold.  We’ll see what ye olde budget allows  . . . .

Have a good weekend! Thank you, Jen at Conversion Diary, for hosting today’s link up!

28 thoughts on “Fall Momiform Preview {7QT}

  1. Heading to the Pin Boards! I’ve got to redo (or more accurately start) my Momiform this fall/winter. I’m looking forward to it but I’m definitely overwhelmed. Would you mind sharing where the jacket, skirt, and t-shirt are from in take #4?

  2. I love when the weather is cool enough for cardigans! And- yes, why is it always so hard to find certain basic/ classic pieces you hear about everywhere? And the unflattering trends are so attainable.

  3. So excited to see your finds! I’m in desperate need of a new bag, too – I’ve been using the same vera bradley since Cecilia was born and the straps are frayed and it matches noooothing but I hate shopping for purses because I’m impossible to please!

    • Oh my, yes I had a Vera diaper bag fraying at the straps. I took t to a consignment store (where it eventually sold ?!). And at the consignment store I found my current bag, which is a nice leather Fossil tote. For like $20. But it’s really really beat up now And I’ve gotten ball point pen al over it. I’m hankering after a navy blue Longchamp bc the ball point pen stains won’t show! 🙂

  4. Funny story (to me at least), I’m wearing my hair like Katie Holmes’ right now and when my husband saw it he gave it a strange look, so when I saw this picture I inmeadiately showed it to him and he smiled and I said “so now the hairdo is cool, because Tom Cruise’s ex-wife is wearing it!!!

  5. Ha, I love the LOFT Curvy Straight jeans…when I was trying on jeans in their store I realized I liked the “Curvy” rise but had a pair of the Modern Straight jeans on, so I timidly asked the sales lady if they had “Curvy Straight” even though it just sounds so odd! And then they turned out to be my new favorite jeans :). Thanks for the tip…just ordered an extra pair for the fall (even though I live near Phoenix and it won’t really be fall for several more months…couldn’t resist the 40% discount!) Thanks for posting!

  6. For those who have tried the Loft curvy straight or curvy skinny, how much do they stretch when you’re wearing them? I hate designers’ proclivity for including stretch in jeans — then they fit in the store but start to sag and bag after you’ve been wearing them for half a day.

    • That’s always the thing, isn’t it? I’m just resigned to getting these altered if they sag and bag after wearing. I don’t want to go down a size and risk having them to tight in the legs.

      • These jeans feel almost as comfy as leggings–that’s how much stretch they have. I don’t find mine to get saggy at all, and never find myself pulling at them to stay up. I think in some ways it totally depends on the cut, and these jeans happen to be just the right cut for me. Plus they have a pretty high rise so I can sit on the floor with my kids (at music classes or whatever) and not worry about giving anyone a show :). Hope that helps!

  7. Oh man, I live in cardigans in the fall. I like the longer length of the ones you pinned, especially with pockets. I would love a good blazer that can keep up with the typical day with little ones, but every time I try one on I always feel constricted, especially in the upper arms/shoulders…not what I’m looking for when the 1-year-old wants up for the millionth time. Any suggestions? 🙂

    • Yes I hate that tight feeling in the arms and shoulders and I found a blazer I like but I haven’t gotten around to posting about it and now … It’s not for sale any more. :-(. I’m sorry! I’ll see if I can find some similar ones.

  8. Please let me know how those skinnies work out for you! I am on my third pair (I’ve tried various brands), and now I am on the hunt for another pair.

    I need to stop crawling on the ground after my children. Or not. They like it 😉

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