Weekend Badness and Goodness {WIWS}


Breaking Bad (season 1)

^^ Now that it’s received a Jenprimatur, Pat and I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I’m only two episodes in but OMG, it’s kind of like Flannery O’Connor wrote a television script and got the Coen Brothers to direct and produce it.  Mom, if you’re reading this: I think you’d love it.  Dad, not so much.  Similarly, Pat was not so into it.  Too much darkness, he says.  But I liked it.  That bathtub thing in the second episode?  I was like, “Yes!  That is AWEsome!”

More badness:

morning glories

^^ Damned deer, ate my morning glories  . . .


^^and got into our trash.  I think they’re frustrated that they can’t use our backyard as a daycare anymore like they did before we finished our fence.  The fawns can’t jump over it.


Check out the Jack O'Lantern crocs!

Check out the Jack O’Lantern crocs!

^^ Girl 2 is getting to be almost as opinionated as Big Sis re: her clothes:


^^ and her shoes. Especially the shoes.  This was the view from over my shoulder in the minivan this evening.

More goodness:


^^ Storytime with Uncle Nick


^^ Healthy, paleo-ish chocolate tart (stay tuned for the recipe, coming later this week).


^^ Sisters “sharing” not-quite-so-healthy frozen custard

Shirt, shoes, skirt and necklace are from LOFT (old)

Shirt from Target, shoes here; skirt and necklace are from LOFT (old)

^^ What I wore to Mass on Sunday.

Thanks to the ladies at FL&P for hosting today’s link up and to Mary for her Weekend Diaries link up!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Badness and Goodness {WIWS}

  1. Love the outfit, Laura! I haven’t ventured into BB because I’ve heard it’s so dark (I’m a gentle soul), maybe I’ll have to try an episode or two.

      • I will let you know! Did you ever try watching Mad Men? If so, what did you think of it? I’m just curious… Also, thanks for linking up! If you email me your address I’ll send the necklace piece your way : )

  2. Your outfit looks great!
    I want to see Breaking Bad. Love a good, gritty TV show with powerful actors. I get totally immersed, and think of the characters as real people. The Wire is the best of all time.
    Mary, if you’re reading this, I’ve started Mad Men and love it. We’re always super behind on TV, but now that we have Netflix streaming we can possibly start to progress at a faster rate.

  3. I love the mass outfit- I think the necklace ties it together perfectly!
    If that tart was right in front of me, I’d be tempted to eat the entire thing.
    And the Jack O’ Lantern crocs are kind of amazing.

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