Dress, Cardigan, Sweater, Boots and Thoughts on WIWS

Here’s what I wore to Mass today:

I’m linking up with the ladies at FL&P today.  It’s been a while.  The number of bloggers participating in the What I Wore Sunday linkup has declined, and that makes me sad.  It’s been such a fun activity.  I’ve gotten some great outfit ideas and, more importantly, met some great bloggers.  Bloggy friendships aren’t the same as real-life friendships, but I still think they enrich my life.

At the same time . . . I wonder if anyone feels the same way I do: that it’s a bit weird to keep posting pictures of oneself week after week.  I don’t mean to fish for compliments.  I really don’t.

I don’t think less of others when they post outfit shots, so why should I feel uncomfortable with it myself?  I don’t know.  When you put together a nice outfit, I like to read about it on your blog.  So when I put together a nice outfit, I like to blog about it.

Just don’t feel like you need to leave a compliment if you don’t want to.


Happy Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Dress, Cardigan, Sweater, Boots and Thoughts on WIWS

  1. I completely know the feeling! I find it so fun to see what others wore but often feel silly doing it myself. However, I love your dress and am glad you linked up!

  2. I feel a bit silly participating in WIWS as well…especially since I tend to reuse the same clothes over and over again. And, since we’ve live in FL, I’ve basically been doing a summer wardrobe ever since I started. But…I love seeing what other people wore and I don’t think they are silly so, I just try to get over it….and I’ve started posting about “other stuff” in WIWS, so it’s not JUST about what I wore.

  3. Love this outfit! The boyfriend cardi looks great. And I feel sad, too, about how the WIWS link-up #s have decreased. But, in the same token I do feel silly posting outfit pictures of myself. I think joining in a link-up definitely helps, though!

  4. I think you don’t need to feel any weirder about putting up your outfit in a link up than you would, say, going out with friends and having them say “I love your outfit!” This happens totally naturally in person and these link ups have become a little bit of a community in the Catholic blogosphere. In a non-stupid culture you would see many of your good friends at Mass. But you don’t, so you have to recreate that feeling of community somehow.

    Besides, there are so many forces dragging us towards more casualness, a nice force in the opposite direction is good. I love your outfits and also really appreciate the time you’ve taken to show us how you put together your Mom uniform wardrobe. it’s really helpful for me, so thanks!

  5. I have so many of the same exact thoughts! Which is why I haven’t participated in so long. But the truth is, it is fun to see other ladies in their Sunday best, to celebrate our femininity, and to somehow feel united. You look lovely 🙂

  6. I hadn’t linked up to What I Wore Sunday in a long time until last Sunday and I did notice that the number of people participating had decreased. The reason I haven’t done it is because I have been missing church and sometimes I go and wear not so cute stuff because I didn’t have time to put an outfit together. But let me tell you, I love What I Wore Sunday and looking at people’s outfits and getting ideas for myself, feeling good about looking good, it’s the best!! And you look great my friend 🙂

  7. Oh goodness, I hear you here. You know what gets me the most though? I think most of my embarrassment comes from asking my husband (or other family member) to take a photo of me looking…disinterested? fashionable? whimsical? happy? I can never figure it out – which lies the issue to begin with. I don’t feel authentic doing it. I see so many beautiful pictures/ladies and want to join in for the matter that elizabethe said above, but I can’t get over feeling so silly. Also, I really, really get sad reading when people feel they have to apologize for their outfit, or their picture quality, etc. Then humility stares me in the face when I go to bash my own photo just the same.

    So what am I saying here? My non-participation stems from deep-seeded insecurity, which is ironically the exact thing that I want to extricate from every single woman on this earth. We were made in God’s image. Beautiful through and through. WHICH seems to be one of the points of WIWS. I love it for that very reason…and I appreciate how you brought this topic up today. I do hope others join in more to help support your point.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll figure out a way to give myself a pep talk…with no negative commentary 😉

    Ok! Novel done, I sweaaaaar!

    • Thanks for your comment cynthia. I do hope to see you on WIWS sometime soon. … And as for how to “look” at the camera, I’ve settled on “normal-happy-smiling-while-turned-at-the-most-slimming-angle-possible.” 😉

  8. I hear ya. I haven’t posted in a while because Dave always teases and whines endlessly about taking my picture. And I don’t want to take a selfie or rig some timed photos because that would make me feel even more vain and self-indulgent. But like everyone here said, I love checking out everyone else’s outfits and I don’t think they’re being silly or narcissistic or anything. It’s a conundrum!

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