I Say M&Ms, You Say Scrambled Eggs: M&Ms! Scrambled Eggs! M&Ms! Scrambled Eggs!

. . . And Calf Liver and  . . . Epsom Salt Baths

I’m finally reading the second edition of Perfect Health Diet (“PHD”).   I’m particularly intrigued by their advice on nutritional supplements.  Apparently deficiencies in copper, zinc, and magnesium are quite common, even for those following a healthy diet.  You know what contains all of those nutrients?  Chocolate.  You know what I crave almost all the time?  Chocolate.  Hmmm.

Dark chocolate also contains iron, which I might be deficient in also.  I’ve started taking Floradix.  It’s too early to tell for sure, but I think it’s improved my energy levels.  PHD warns against iron supplements . . .  except for menstruating women.  Well, guess what I am?  And guess what I crave at those particular times of the month?  Hmmm.

I must admit I tried to follow the PHD supplement recommendations early on, but I quickly tired of taking so many pills, especially as I have to stagger them throughout the day to avoid stomach ache.   According to PHD, it’s basically impossible to get enough copper unless you eat liver every week, or possibly a LOT of chocolate.  I just cannot do organ meat.  Not. Going. There.  And chocolate prices are on the rise.  So, supplementation it is!

Problem is, sometimes M&Ms call out my name like you would not believe.  The dark, more bitter stuff just doesn’t compete.  PHD mentions that cravings for sweets often indicate a need for protein.  I have noticed that if I’m craving sweets but eat protein instead, the cravings go away.  The hard part is force myself to eat protein instead of the sweets.

So, I’m hoping not be undone by M&Ms (or chocolate peanut butter) so much in the future.  Next time the cravings hit, I’ll quickly down some scrambled eggs, with a chaser of dark chocolate, and then jump in an Epsom salt bath for some extra magnesium-y oomph.

We’ll see . . . .

Reading PHD again also reminded me that I should be eating less chicken and more beef  . . . or lamb or goat or liver so . . . beef it is!  Here’s my menu plan for the coming week, with an extra helping of beef.  I’m  linking up with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday (better late than never):

Melt-in-your-mouth parmesan chicken breasts

  • Lunches: Leftovers, salads, and um, leftovers.  Oh, and plain yogurt with frozen blueberries.  Pat eats rice cakes with cheese a lot.
  • Dinners:

Monday: Paleo crockpot beef brisket (Really tasty and easy; I use chuck)

Tuesday:  Pan-fried salmon with rice and green beans


Wednesday: Yummy Baked Thingy (ground beef casserole)

Thursday:  Tilapia with spinach and tomatoes baked in foil

Friday: Shrimp stir-fry with rice noodles

Saturday: Parmesan chicken (using Greek yogurt instead of mayo)

Sunday: Crock-pot lime beef stew (trying out a new recipe)

Have a delicious week!

9 thoughts on “I Say M&Ms, You Say Scrambled Eggs: M&Ms! Scrambled Eggs! M&Ms! Scrambled Eggs!

  1. Why does the phd recommend against iron supplements for non menstruating women? Also that’s interesting about sugar cravings / protein connection… I’ve noticed that if I’m craving chocolate I can sometimes be satisfied with regular peanut butter. I don’t know if eggs will do it for me mentally 🙂

      • No I was just wondering bc I have a history of anemia, pregnant or not (but then I guess I’m mostly pregnant or menstruating…), and was wondering if there was something particular to iron supplements that was unhealthy (like the source product or something). I didn’t think about the fact that high doses are overkill (hopefully not literally 🙂

  2. I have to say that my basic problem with hunger, which drove me from a typical low carb/paleo diet to the PHD, did not really resolve until I started taking the supplements. I ate 95% PHD for about six weeks and still got hungry frequently, craved the dried fruit I kept around for the kids, and still snuck my husband’s bread and any other treats he left unguarded. I finally ordered my supplements (took me a while because I had a few but not most, didn’t want to take *everything* they listed like molybdenum–really?–and wanted to find the best sources/cheapest prices). On the morning of the third day after I started taking them I woke up not hungry. For me, this was HUGE. I have been ravenously hungry immediately upon waking every day I can remember for years now, which (long story) led me to believe my hormones were out of whack. I could not imagine fasting, and was happy always to be too breastfeeding or pregnant as an excuse. Now, if I get the right amount of sleep. I can easily go at least twelve, and sometimes sixteen hours without eating and without hunger, just like the Jaminets recommend. It is so FREEING.

    Now I just have to optimize my circadian rhythms, which is definitely the hardest part of PHD for me. Who wants to go to bed when you’ve just finally tucked in the little noisemakers? Time to party!

  3. Oh, and I LOVE liverwurst. I can send you a recipe if you want, but I’ll understand if not. It makes the liver almost undetectable–*I* think–my husband says not.

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