Fall Momiform FAIL

Fail, fa-FAIL!-fuh -fail.

I rolled out of bed this morning and put on what I put on almost every day: jeans, dark blue tee, gray cardigan.  Plus a scarf or necklace or something.  Today, something just didn’t feel right.  I asked Pat to snap a picture (photos are more objective than the mirror; don’t ask me why).

This, this! is what I saw:


Huh? What the. . .  ? I can’t even . . . . How?  How is this happening to me? ??!!!

I’ve obsessed about my mom-drobe for how long now?  I have how many pins on my “cardigans” Pinterest board?  And for what?  For this???


I love this cardigan because it feel like a comfy bathrobe . . . Earth to Laura: It looks like a comfy bathrobe!

You see?  As soon as I let my guard down, BOOM!: the frumpies are back.

So, keeping things positive . . . here’s my action plan:

For now,

  • Loose cardigan only with slim-fitting jeans; only slimmer fitting tops with aforepictured jeans (there goes that completely mix and match wardrobe I was going for);
  • Ditch this scarf, and
  • Brush up on scarf-tying skillz;
  • Only Sperrys with these jeans, no more Birks (too warm yet for boots, new shoes not in budget); and
  • Hair . . . do . . . something.

For next year,

  • More fitted cardigan
  • More color
  • Cute flats (leopard?)
  • Replace jeans
  • . . . never leave house.

Until next time, this is Laura Christine, reporting to you live from Frumpsville.  Signing off.

(Here’s the post going over  what I learned from this fiasco: How to Look Less Bad.  Also, I sold the cardigan on eBay for like $15.  Not a total loss.)

18 thoughts on “Fall Momiform FAIL

  1. awww, it happens to the best of us! My favorite thing to wear (which now that we live in FL I never actually get to wear, but I’m holding out hope for a colder duty station next fall!) is skinny jeans with a big ole cozy sweater. In my head I imagine I look like one of those super skinny models who always still look skinny and chic in oversized sweaters–in reality I probably look a lot more sad mom frump–I think I’ll just keep on keeping on though–and also not let my husband take any pictures of me in my favorite sweaters that may ruin how I feel about myself in them 🙂

  2. Ummm, you’re hysterical! Love the Potter gif 🙂 Cardigans are tricky! I love long boyfriendy cardigans like that (because they’re so comfy like you say!), but you definitely need to balance them with skinny jeans on the bottom. Even then, the look doesn’t really work for me all that well. I’m too much of an apple shape! I definitely need the waist definition. However, boyfriend cardigans are awesome for pregnancy since they’re so long. I know very petite types have different balancing needs, but it’s hard not to feel a little jelly because they can wear the big comfy tops and revel in the comfyness and still look cute!

  3. Usch, you’re depressing me. Did you pull that out of my closet? 🙂 Anyways, I’m glad you brought up Sperrys because I’m on the verge of taking the plunge….how long do you think they’ll last into the year? (i.e. — socks/leggings/tights? no go?)

    • Well, I wear them with socks but, obviously, that means nothing. :-p. mine have lasted three years. I had them professionally cleaned but that possibly could have been avoided if I had waterproofed them right away.

  4. We all have those comfy days. I love that you came up with an action plan to fix it. Haha. I totally agree with ballet flats for next year (that’s what I wear a lot during Fall but mine are getting kind of old), and you always look so cute with a belt over your sweaters (in your Sunday outfits)… maybe that would help & you could still wear that comfy gray sweater any time!

  5. Something that I think that would be cute with your simple hairstyle would be to simply tie your pony tail a little higher so it would show from the front. It would also be cute from the side, give it a little bit of a perky look.

  6. Oh boy, I can’t count the number of times I think of an outfit in my head (of course it looks great!) and then when I put it on it is alll wrong. It’s hard to mix and match when proportions are involved! And I love the Mad-eye reminder. 🙂

  7. I love sweaters.

    But I am heavier on the top than bottom and the bulk of sweaters does not help. As an added bonus, I live in Louisiana! It’s cold about 2 days a year.

    Must purge the sweaters!

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