Style & The SAHM: How To Look Less Bad

Never let it be said I don’t learn from my mistakes.

How To Look Less Bad

After my recent wardrobe malfunction . . .


here’s what I’m doing differently, wearing the same pair of jeans and a similar top:

How to Look Less Bad--AFter

1.  Higher ponytail: Just putting a ponytail higher on my head looks perkier (as one commenter pointed out).

2.  Colorful cardigan:  Neutrals are classy, but I think most of us need some color.  So much gray was too blah.  The scarf, while having color, was not the right color, nor the right shape, nor tied well.  Just wrong in so many ways.  It went in the give-away bin.

3. Trimmer cut: A long, oversized cardigan, obviously, can look really good, but it takes some finesse to avoid looking like I’m wearing a bathrobe.  I don’t have finesse at 6:30 in the morning.  A more moderately-sized cardigan is more versatile.  (The gray, oversized one is going to Twice.)

4. Spiffier shoes: Birkenstocks can look okay but, like an oversized cardigan, they require some finesse.  You have to go all-out boho, I think, or be tall, thin, painfully chic and preferably blonde.    These Top-Siders are a bit more versatile.

So I think I’ve gone from an “F” to a “C” or so.

A more fashionable look with  wide-legged/flared/bootcut  jeans like these would be to wear heels.  But . . . um . . . what kind of a freak would I look like wearing heels to preschool drop off?  Another option is to wear skinny jeans with boots.  But I don’t want to wear boots on these in-between days when temps might start in the fifties but later reach the eighties.

So, my friends, you’ll have to go elsewhere for cutting edge fashion.  But stick with me if you want to peer deep into the depths of frumpdom . . . and then watch me claw my way out.

15 thoughts on “Style & The SAHM: How To Look Less Bad

  1. So what can a Dad-at-home learn from this? Hmmm… well the shoes. I mean, the fact that you wear them at all. I should think about wearing shoes, at least when I take the garbage out. LOL. 😉
    But seriously, this is really well done!

  2. The bright, shorter cardigan makes a huge difference, as does the higher ponytail! How do you keep it high without making it too right, though? I wind up with awful headaches whenever I wear a high ponytail.

  3. The bright cardigan definitely makes the biggest difference. I think the trimmer fit is the main thing (although the color is nice)…I think the gray cardigan would have worked if it was fitted and not over-sized. But, I generally avoid any type of oversized clothes as they are really hard to pull off without looking frumpy.

  4. “How to look less bad” – I love it! I’m going through my cardigans and trying to see what’s actually wearable… It’s soooo easy for them to turn an outfit frumpy! I’m experimenting with belting mine, but I’m not entirely sure I have it figured out yet.

  5. You don’t look “less bad,” you look great! I think it’s all in the high pony tail. It’s fun and youthful. And really, you have my style beat, even in the bathrobe cardigan. I think some of my clothes were misplaced during our move, because my yoga pants have been seeing a bit too much daylight, recently. I promised myself I would not fall back into the yoga pant habit. Desperate times, I guess.

  6. First-time commenter, long-time reader here. I love your blog and am totally clawing my way out of frumpdom after being inspired by you!

    I agree on the higher ponytail–makes me feel like an even younger mom (I’m 29 with a 5yo boy, a 3yo boy, and one on the way) with more energy when I spot myself in a mirror! I tend to wear a less nice hoodie/cardigan around the house and then keep some nice options in the front closet: cardigans, awesome navy blazer from Good Will for $6, a dark grey waterfall sweater that I bought at Meijer (grocery and more store of the Midwest)… I switch them out to look presentable for grocery trips, etc., while keeping warm in my more comfortable, don’t-care-if-I-stain-’em ones at home. Kind of like aprons for the winter!

    I made banana pancakes this morning and felt the need for some autumn flavor. I sprinkled some cloves and nutmeg in. However, I forgot the baking powder (which never seems to mix in well anyway). The baking powder was not missed. The autumn flavors were perfect and I’ll be experimenting with cinnamon in the future, too! The pancakes are a favorite with my boys and I’m so glad I found the recipe here! 🙂 Take care!

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