Joy’s Mom Wardrobe: For When the Job You Want Is the One You Have

I’m happy to have a guest post today from Joy, who shares some lessons she’s learned in developing her SAHM style.   Joy is the mother of three littles and is also a nurse-midwife turned part-time clinical nursing instructor.  She blogs at Joy In the Morning.

It is an often-repeated adage that you should not only dress for the job you have, but also the one you want; at the moment they are one and the same ~ I want to be a stay at home mom and live out that vocation in such a way that reflects to my daughters and the world around me the pride and enjoyment I have in using my charism for caring primarily to care for my family.  (I teach part-time at a local university one semester a year.)  And how I dress helps with that.

Both style blogs like Putting it Together and Get Your Pretty On and mommy blogs like Grace’sAna’s and Rosie’s help me to dress my best, so that state of mind and appearance complement and even help each other.  I may at times feel overwhelmed & exhausted, but I truly love my life.  Sometimes a favorite piece of clothing or jewelry is just the thing to boost my energy or confidence on a tough day.

The first take-away for me is to take a go-to outfit and then tweak it up a notch.  Laura and Rachel have written so eloquently about the value of a mom uniform, and as my morning gets crazier with multiple school drop-offs I agree.

Outfit #1: Jeans ~ tank/sweater + cute shoes & jewelry: there are tons of affordable flats and wedges around this fall as well as boots of all heights; and while my favorite dangles are out right now thanks to a grabby baby these studs and necklace work just fine.

Joy 3

black tank and sweater from Motherhood Maternity, straight leg jeans from Christopher & Banks, ankle boots from Kohls.

Outfit #2: Jean skirt + tights; just as toddler-wrangling-on-the-floor-friendly, with just a touch more dress with intent vibe.

Joy 2

denim skirt ~ Christopher & Banks, black wedges ~ Target

Outfit #3: Left to myself my jeans will always be blue and my tops black or blue, but, following the inspiration of others, I’m experimenting more with the colors of the moment.

Joy 1

sweater ~ Christopher&Banks,  jeans ~ Target, tall boots ~ Charles Albert from Zulily

This leads nicely to the other  lesson, which is to know yourself: not all colors work on every person, and not every trend is meant for everyone or everyday.  For example, skinny jeans and tall boots are fun sometimes, but I feel more myself in straight legged jeans and ankle boots.  Which I suppose is the most important lesson ~ be yourself, your best self even if it means carving out a couple more minutes getting dressed and taking some risks.

Agreed, Joy! Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Joy’s Mom Wardrobe: For When the Job You Want Is the One You Have

  1. Great post, Joy. I like that old adage applied to being a homemaker & Mom. And I agree, knowing thyself is key! I once bought a lime greenish cardigan at J Crew because it was on big sale(!) and a trendy color(!) but it looked HORRIBLE on me. Lesson learned. Well almost. I still cow-tow to trends too much, but I’m working on it 😉

  2. Great post, Joy! And I esp. loved the last paragraph- I’ve definitely made some clothing purchases b/c they were trendy, but I never felt comfortable enough to wear them!

  3. I’ve been trying to maintain a “classic’ wardrobe instead of a trendy wardrobe…because I know that I’m not a trendy person and I never feel “myself” in trendy clothes. I love the adage to “be yourself”. I’m not comfortable in skinny jeans either…I still prefer straight-leg or bootcut so that is what I stick with.

  4. I don’t really read style blogs because I feel like it inspires envy in me, which is definitely NOT what needs to be inspired. But this post by Joy is just lovely. I have to work on my mom uniform. Definitely jeans, and if I can just figure out accessories or something to make me more put together, I’ll be happier about it. Thanks Laura and Joy!

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