Breaking Bad, Ebay, and Other Favorite Ways To Pass Time

. . . Instead of Writing Blog Posts

It hasn’t been a prolific few weeks for me, writing wise, so first of all thanks to

— 1 —

Monica and Joy, for writing guest posts about their Momiforms, and to the other ladies whose guest posts are in the works!

— 2 —

Breaking Bad:  Pat and I watch 1-2 episodes on Netflix most nights. (He initially disliked it for being so dark, but he’s back on board now.)  Ohmygoodness.  The acting.  The writing.  The pacing.  The imagery.  So good.  I can’t get over how Coen-like it is.

Though I must say, we’re toward the end of Season 3 and it’s lagging a bit now.  The house fly thing that took up a whole episode?  Really?  But still, I keep coming back.

— 3 —

Ebay.  I weird myself out with this, but I’m really into selling stuff on Ebay.  It started out with a couple of household items and an old evening gown.  I knew they both had some value but I didn’t know where else to sell them.  Then I kept going with the brand name hand-me-down clothes Girl 1 refuses to wear (i.e., everything in her closet except the two ill-fitting, tacky, seasonally inappropriate dresses she insists on wearing every day).  Now I’ve realized I can get more for my old clothes on Ebay than I can with Twice (as much as I do like Twice in principle).

Have I mentioned I’m a licensed attorney?  Seriously, there are more lucrative ways to spend my time.  And yet I think I’m more excited making five bucks on Ebay than about any paycheck I’ve gotten.  It’s so odd.  Possibly I missed my calling to be a merchant of some sort.

— 4 —

Parenting: I’m learning to be patient with my kids’  little obsessions and not be embarrassed by their quirks.  (Little girls–hair is such a big deal.  Ohmygosh.  Girl 1 and I have the same discussion multiple times a day in which we ascertain just exactly how long her hair is now, how long it will be when she is five, and how long it will be when she is six, and at which point all her hair will fit in a ponytail or braid without some pieces of hair falling out.  These are very very important issues in her world.) . . .

So where was I?  Oh yes, in the midst of this process, I’ve learned to be more patient with myself  and all my quirks and little obsessions.  The Ebay thing?  It’s probably a phase I’ll grow out of.  I figuratively pat myself on the head and wait for it to pass.

— 5 —

Lazy days at home with girls: Many days and weeks and monthsmust get out and do something, because they drive me up the wall at home.  But recently the girls play really nicely to themselves and so we kick back, play princesses, watch Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse a few times, hang in the backyard, and chill.  It’s awesome.

Sometimes I puzzle over why some weeks are so great and then others are so awful.  I think I’ve figured it out (shamelessly schmeeling here on Jen Fulwiler’s Life Craziness Matrix):

Household Happiness Matrix

Right now we’re in the green zone.  Knock on wood.  In a non-superstitious way.  Of course.

Which reminds me: Happy Halloween!

. . .

Thank you, Jenny, for hosting Five Favorites today . . . er . . . yesterday!

6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad, Ebay, and Other Favorite Ways To Pass Time

  1. My husband would LOVE if I had an addiction to selling things on Ebay (or anywhere!) but I’m just too lazy… and I hate going to the post office.

    • Ah, but did you know you can print labels from home thru eBay using PayPal? All you need are mailing envelopes, a printer, and a guesstimate of how much your stuff weighs. Total game changer, IMHO.

  2. I totally get the ebay thing! I sell my unused craft supplies there and it is such a kick! Just be sure to do your shipping through ebay or you will get shorted on the cost.

  3. Your post really resonated with me today! My hubs and I are just finishing up the series of Breaking Bad (we have either one or two episodes left, not sure), and I agree, the fly episode was unusually slow. No spoilers here, but I have to say the last season gets back to being pretty dark…I’m hanging in there till the end with some hopes of not wanting to cry at the end of the series. Also, great tip about ebay! I just sent in some stuff to twice, but I’m not super confident about getting a great offer…but I figured anything is more than the nothing I would get donating it, although there’s something to be said for that as well.
    Anyway, I am totally with you about getting out and about, especially when the kids are at each other, but the last two weeks we have had so much nice playing together at home too! I’m thinking it’s the weather change, maybe?
    Thanks for the nice read during my afternoon coffee/blog-reading break!

  4. That’s awesome! Glad to hear that your girls and you are having fun! hahaha My current thing is shopping online for clothes etc. so I think I need to switch to the sell tings on ebay obsession.

  5. Haha! Thank you for sharing this funny post! Was in a grouchy mood today, but just read this and it made me laugh. I still may be calling you for eBay selling advice . . . . I have this fear that I’m going to mess something up and lose a thousand dollars or something . . . . but actually, I haven’t gotten around to logging in and actually looking around yet, so maybe it’s very self-explanatory . . . .

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