A Classic, Feminine Maternity SAHM Wardrobe From Lauren

I’m happy to have a guest post today from Lauren, who shares her SAHM style, maternity edition.   Lauren is the mother of a little girl and a little boy, with Baby #3 coming in January.  She blogs at The O’Briens.

I love the topic of SAHM style because honestly there was almost nothing out there to guide me when I started staying at home 3 years ago.  I kind of figured out my personal style through trial & error and thinking about what in my closet made me feel classic, feminine & put-together – and then slowly buying more of those types of clothes.  Now I have a pretty good mix & match wardrobe of sweaters + skirts, with boots or leggings & ballet flats.  Mainly if I go out with the kids it is to the library, the park, Target/Costco/Grocery store, or church for preschool coop/daily mass.


My favorite accessory is a scarf … I’m not big into jewelry because I feel like the kids just grab it off.  Scarfs / cardigans are easy (washable) ways to add color.  Also I intentionally avoid clothes that need to be ironed, washed in a special way (dry clean only), or can’t be dried. 

Since I am 7 months pregnant right now, most of this stuff is Motherhood Maternity (pink dress), or Ross Maternity (yellow top, navy blue top).  Both scarves are pashminas from Italy & Spain when I traveled abroad years ago.  Boots are from Italy (hand-me-downs from my sister), and the silver ballet flats are from Marshalls.  Everything else is either a thrift store find, or 4 years old from Gap / Ann Taylor Loft / etc.

Fall maternity SAHM style

Here I mixed up some of the styles above for different outfits (& my oldest, Grace jumped in some pictures :-).  The green sweater is from Kmart, beige sweater from Motherhood Maternity outlet (and here I am wearing it last pregnancy during Christmas time).  The teal top and jean skirts are all thrift store finds.  The gray sweater with rhinestones is from Burlington Coat Factory’s maternity section – which I just discovered & love.

So I hope this helps other SAHMs who are trying to find that perfect mix of comfortable clothes for running after kids, while still looking nice & feeling good about how you’re dressed every day!

 Thank you, Lauren!  I  like how you incorporate several different colors that look especially good with your hair and skin tone.  Beautiful!



One thought on “A Classic, Feminine Maternity SAHM Wardrobe From Lauren

  1. The plethora of colors is my favorite! I have such a tough time venturing outside of my blue/black/green/cream color family – I’ve added some eggplant this season but it’s not super-noticeable since it’s still pretty muted 😛 Way to go, Laura!

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