Polka Dots, Denim, and a LBD: What I Wore Sunday

This is what I wore today:

polka dot scarf, denim jacket

Scarf from Walmart; everything else: old.

I’ve been wanting to replicate this outfit for a while:

The girls were running around with balloons during my photo shoot.  Such are the trials of the fashion model mom. 😉


Linking up with FL&P today.  Happy Sunday everyone!


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19 thoughts on “Polka Dots, Denim, and a LBD: What I Wore Sunday

  1. You know, when I got your text this morning I thought “I wonder what outfit she’s putting together today?” Looks good. Love you.

  2. Hi Laura, this is a great outfit. Your outfits often make me think about the concept of high contrast coloring vs low contrast.

    I read about this in a book my husband has called “dressing the man.” (My husband is waaaaayyyyyy better dressed than me).

    Essentially the idea is that you should match your outfit contrast to your coloring. If you have high contrast coloring, darker hair than your skin tone, for example, you need to have a high contest element (like the scarf) in your outfit. But if your skin and hair and eyes/eyebrows are similar in tone (say you are blond and have a tan, or darker skinned with lighter brown hair) your outfit should not have high contrasting patterns/color palette. I find this concept really interesting and I never see it discussed, but if you start to look for it you start to notice that it really makes a difference.

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