I Gave Up Coffee, Found Myself a Fashion Expert, and Am About to Get Rich Quick

— 1 —

I haven’t drunk coffee in almost a week.  I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without coffee my entire adult life.  My beverage of choice is now black tea  (Tazo Awake or Tazo Focus).  It’s definitely a minor miracle, attributable mainly to finally catching up on the sleep I lost in the first year of Girl 2’s life.  I wasn’t liking the taste of the Starbucks I was brewing at home and gave tea a try one morning.  Then I decided not to buy more coffee when I ran out.  So weird.

— 2 —

My stats are down on the blog, which I think is due to the dearth of fashion posts lately.  People want to read what I have to say on fashion more than, say, Montessori for special needs, or consequential ethics.  It’s a strange strange world we live in, and you just never know what’s going to happen to you in life.  That’s all I have to say about that.

— 3 —

Just in case you do want to read what I have to say about consequential ethics (and my two favorite television shows), you can read it over at Mary’s blog.  You know, just in case.

— 4 —

My eBay hobby continues to chug along.  I’ve moved into the vintage coffee mug and used toy market.  I’m gonna be rich, I tell you.  Filthy, stinkin’ rich.

— 5 —

Have you seen that trick on Pinterest where you re-use an Airwick Plug-In thingy and fill it with essential oil?  I tried it with lemongrass oil, and my house smelled awesome.  It didn’t work so well when I tried to re-fill it a second time.  The wick only lasts so long.

— 6 —

What I’m doing now is sprinkling some cinnamon oil on a unscented little white votive candle and burning that.  It smells great, but doesn’t last as long.

— 7 —

My Thanksgiving was great, thanks for asking!  😉  How was yours?

"Freedom From Want" Modern Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Pat was the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Quickest quick takes ever, for me!  Woo hoo! Happy weekend.

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29 thoughts on “I Gave Up Coffee, Found Myself a Fashion Expert, and Am About to Get Rich Quick

      • Haha. About what you like. But I read most about what I like ; )

        It is funny what gets the most attention though. My NFP post grossed more hits than any other post — even surpassing the posts promulgated via Facebook or linked in to Camp Patton or What I Wore Sunday, etc.

        But my most satisfying post ever is the one for our reception site. It’s one of the top entries when you google the name for that crazy lady at Paul’s, and I’m currently trying to coach another bride-to-be through Dina’s extortion techniques ; )

  1. I love it all. I come here everyday (you can probably see on your stats) to see if you’ve written anything new. I don’t watch any particular TV show anymore – – so I can’t relate to those posts – but everything else, I love! That Norman Rockwell scene is wonderful. Wish I’d been there!

  2. I’ve been doing water potpourris (sp???) and LOVE it. Take some orange peels, a cinnamon stick, a few drops of vanilla, and a stick of rosemary (this last ingredient is optional) and toss it all into a sauce pan on the stove with water and just let it simmer. I just add water as it evaporates and I simmer that bad boy all day long. The house smells delicious. xoxo

  3. I came via Google for the sahm style series, but as I said somewhere before, I stayed for the blog as a whole. (I still haven’t even gotten really serious about a capsule wardrobe…I have a complex about spending money on things that aren’t on sale at Target or the like. It needs to end.)

    You didn’t even give up coffee during first trimesters? Not for the sketchy miscarriage link but for the nausea factor? I find myself now in the ranks of those who can’t even think of it. I used to sip and savor two cups a day. There is such a thing as caffeine withdrawal, it turns out. I think I’m on the other side now. It was lousy for a few days for sure.

    • Ah, okay, you got me there. I gave up coffee the first half or so of my first pregnancy, out of an overabundance of caution. I didn’t give it up the second time, tho. As I recall, it didn’t make me nauseous. . . . And I have the same complex about buying things that aren’t on sale!

  4. I liked your Montessori post. I almost commented that you are totally right about kds being different and normal ones are so easy! I think the only reason I am considering homeschooling is because Grace is so enthusiastic and easy to teach. I am guessing if I had had Joseph first (not that he’s special needs just loud/opinionated/very active since birth) it would have been a different story! Anyway I like your posts about your kids, budgets/groceries for healthy eating, fashion (I love your style!) and book reviews.

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog, Laura. Your writing is funny, honest and informative. I love when there is a new post in my inbox. Keep writing about whatever is on your mind!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Monica! And Mary and Lauren and Amelia too ^^. I didn’t mean to complain about the stats, tho it may have come off that way. It _is_ fun to see my readership goes up, but it doesn’t bother me too much when when it dips. It’s my choice to write about what I feel like writing about. It’s just interesting to see what gets the most hits.

  6. YOU GAVE UP COFFEE?!? I only gave it up when I was too nauseous to drink it. I bow to you. I do love Irish Breakfast coffee!

    I love your post on Montessori learning! I am a super proponent of Montessori; especially since I think I would have really profited from it.

    Great post (as usual!) Laura! And don’t forget those who subscribe via e-mail do not pop up on your numbers! 😉

    • Thanks, Julie, but don’t bow to me! I really just lost my taste for it. And I’m drinking lots of black tea so caffeine still has its grip on me. And yea, I hadn’t thought about how email readers don’t show up on the stats.

  7. Laura, I realize that this is my THIRD comment on this post and it’s getting ridiculous, but it just dawned on me that the four times I have list my taste for coffee I have been… Pregnant.

  8. I wanted to read your post on the TV shows, but we have yet to watch Breaking Bad (have to finish The Wire first!) and so I am trying to avoid spoilers and “what does it all mean” type articles. Will get back to it when we’ve watched the series, though!

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