How I Failed At My New Year’s Resolutions In Ten Short Days

Last week I wrote about my Goal-Type Things for the New Year.

Since then . . .

— 1 —

I pulled my back out on my third day of T Tapp (Instructional Basic Workout for those who are familiar with the program).  To be fair, I was lifting some books the day before, so that might be the cause.  But still it’s taken the wind out of my sails.

I’ve Googled “T-Tapp and back pain” and all I find are glowing reviews.  Pretty much you could snap your spine in two and this woman can grow it back for you in 15 minutes a day every other day.  It makes me a bit skeptical.  Also, her book doesn’t impress me much.

Still, I’ll give it another go once the pain subsides.  I do like the exercises.

— 2 —

I’ve given myself so many “S days,” (i.e. cheat days) that I don’t know who I’m kidding here.

And even on regular days I have a few squares of dark chocolate with dinner (Lindt 70%, mmmm).  Chocolate’s a health food, you know?  Seriously, it’s a health food.

— 3 —

As part of my home command center restructuring, I sold the china cabinet shown below:


for $200, on eBay.  Only after the buyers were on their way to pick it up did I notice “Ethan Allen” printed on the back.  And learn that corner china cabinets are hard to come by. . . . I probably could have gotten at least double that amount, possibly a lot more.  . . . I did a bit of pricing research before I listed it, but obviously not enough.

I’m hoping the $200 will cover some Elfa shelving for that corner.

— 4 —

Blogging goals: I made a concerted effort to join the 5:30 club.  I pulled out an old alarm clock and set it to wake me up with radio static, since my phone alarm is too loud.  First night, Girl 1 was in bed with me (the sound of snow plows scared her during the night), so she woke up to my alarm, too.  The other nights, darned if I didn’t hear Girl 2 stirring right away.  I kept hitting snooze because I knew she would holler as soon as she heard me get up.  There goes my quiet alone time.  The girls do occasionally sleep past 6:30, but apparently not if I’m up.

I so would love to write more regularly.  I’m enjoying Modern Mrs. Darcy, in large part because she blogs in short, frequent posts.  They are just long enough to give you something to think on, but still quick to read.

I frequently think of topics that one make good 2-3 paragraph posts, but by the time I sit down to write, I’ve lost the thread of the idea.  And then all I work on are longer, more in-depth posts.

On the topic of blogging goals, in addition to finding regular time to write, I need to switch over to a self-hosted blog.  We already have a placeholder blog.  I just need to figure out how to move all my content over.  Rachel of Efficient Momma wrote a very helpful post on the topic.  I just haven’t had time to do it yet.  

— 5 —

Hey!  Here’s a success: switching from plastic leftover containers to glass.  The day after my last post, Pat said out of the blue, “Can we add leftover containers to the shopping list?  We’re running out.”  Amazon has a good deal on a 5 piece Pyrex set (called a “10 piece set” because of the lids; lame), So I ordered them right up and tossed a couple of plastic containers.


— 6 —

I have few home improvement goals I didn’t mention last week.  I feel like so much of our house is held together with duct tape and bubble gum, even after five years.  Structurally everything is sound, but so many things are unsightly or inconvenient simply because we haven’t gotten around to fixing it, or we don’t want to spend money on it.  Pat and I are both naturally frugal (he more than I, but still . . . ), so it’s hard to shake the dormitory/ cheap first apartment mindset.

For instance, these living room curtains:


I bought hem-them-yourself sheers from Ikea (because they were cheap!), and they look awful.  Hemming super long curtains using iron-on hem tape, with a toddler around, is doomed to failure.  And now the girls have twisted and pulled the curtains so much that the curtain rod is sagging in the middle.  It makes me sad every time I look at it.

Also, our washing machine:  When we bought our house (a foreclosure, sans appliances), I did a bunch of research and tried to be smart and bought a front loader that was a Consumer Reports “best buy.”  Less than five years later, the rubber ring seal around the door is completely mildewed and disgusting.  Like this but worse:

No amount of bleach or vinegar or baking soda rinses will work. And replacing the part is expensive enough that we might as well buy a new one.  I’m a bit burned by the experience and plan to buy the cheapest, simplest top loader out there.  I’m even thinking about buying a used one.  Is that gross, I wonder? The thought of buying one used grosses me out a bit, but then if we had bought a house that already had a washer we would have used the washer it came with.  And anyway, nothing is grosser than the state of our current washer.

— 7 —

Girl 2’s current favorite thing to do is snuggle in bed with me.  She doesn’t sleep or even stay still for more than 5 seconds.  But she’s very particular about the arrangement of the blankets and pillows.  It’s pretty cute.

IMG_5266 IMG_5279

Over and out!

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19 thoughts on “How I Failed At My New Year’s Resolutions In Ten Short Days

  1. I have a “six” piece Pyrex blue lid set and I love it. So much better than disposable! And if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even make any resolutions this year :0

  2. I love our glass tupperware containers! Somehow we’ve acquired a bunch of plastic ones since we moved to glass, but I always reach for glass first. Crate & Barrel actually makes really reasonably priced containers, particularly small round ones that are perfect for snack-ish and dinner prep portions.

    And yeah, I made no resolutions. Lent is kind of my time to reset the bad habits, and the ONLY way I carry through with anything like that is if it’s religiously motivated, so I don’t bother with the new year…

  3. I keep on hearing about the silent vibration alarms on those fitbit flex wrist things being great. It’s a little chunk of change, but I have quite a few friends who are using them as part of a “semi- Amish woman” workout. Sounds weird, but makes a lot of sense. Apparently Amish women walk an average of 14,000 steps a day. Because those watches track when you’re walking too, I guess it helps them to prioritize when then need to incorporate more walking into their day. Hope you’re doing great!

  4. We found our washer and dryer on craigslist within the same town so we didn’t have far to go look at them and pick them up. Paid $100 for both. They are old, but have lasted three years, and even if they broke now, they certainly don’t owe us anything. I think you can do pretty easy mixtures to “wash” your top loading washer too (if that is what you end up getting)… My husband is also pretty particular about things being “gross” and he was ok with a used washer, so I think that’s saying something 😉 Good luck!

  5. I think buying a used washer is fine. Our first one was my grandparents old one, then when that broke I got one on Craigslist for $60 that has worked great…those 2 have gotten us through the last 5 yrs of marriage. And our dryers were 1 free, then one for $10 at a neighbor’s yard sale. Also I am trying your Tupperware to glass resolution. It is going good :).

  6. I’m pretty particular when it comes to germs and yucky stuff (I make my poor family change clothes every time we come home from a public place, etc) and yet I have a used washer. After using a shared laundry for the past five years (in a barely-not-the-ghetto-neighborhood) being able to wash the machine before we used it made me feel so good! That really stinks though that your new one already is nasty.

    I be super curious to see what you had to say about self-hosting! That’s something that I’ve been toying with for ages!

    • Yeah, we used a shared washer in our apt for two years and never thought twice. I think I got turned off from the thought if buying a used one bc some of the ones I looked at on Craigslist etc were dirty. … I’ll let you know how the self hosting project goes. I’m not sure if bother if I were on blog spot, but WordPress has a lot more limitations from what I can see.

  7. It’s definitely ok to get a used washer. We got a used, refurbished washer and dryer and refrigerator for less than $500 when we moved in here 3 years ago and they’ve worked really well for us. The washer is even better than the brand new washer we have for the apartment next door because it’s a better make and model.

  8. If it’s any consolation, I love the plates above your window. 😉

    I really like Modern Mrs. Darcy, too. It’s one of those blogs that helps my mommy brain to feel a little smarter.

  9. Oh man, I always have my vibrate alarm set for 5 am and I probably have a 30% success rate at actually getting up before one or more of the children are already awake or without disturbing at least one if they’re miraculously still asleep. I just keep plugging away and have resigned myself to the fact that my quiet alone time can only consist of me and my missal and devotional hunkering down in my bed for fear of awakening my minions (or at least of alerting them to the fact that I am also awake) a couple of times a week. Even if it doesn’t work out every day I don’t feel guilty anymore because at least I’m trying to get up 🙂

    And I would definitely go for the cheap top loader! When we went out to buy our first store bought washer and dryer the owner of the appliance store we got it from said that of all the fancy models they had, he and his wife bought the cheapest no-frills model they offered so that’s what we bought too. It’s only been two years now but it’s still going strong (and clean) and we don’t regret our purchase!

  10. Yes! Dark chocolate is a Superfood! 🙂
    That’s a bummer about your corner cabinet, but hopefully the shelving will work out! We needed a corner cabinet for our small dining room and finally found one on Craigslist, but it is crazy how hard they are to find.
    And I agree about the plates up on the wall- very cute!

    • Thanks Lisa. The couple who bought the cabinet were very nice and very happy to buy it. So I’m glad for them. Plus the cabinet was a free gift from my parents so I guess we’re paying it forward but still getting $200 out of the deal. Come to think of it, maybe I owe my parents those $200 ….

  11. I actually gasped about the washer.–I feel for you. When we flipped a foreclosure last year, we actually bought a washer, dryer, AND electric stove for less than $300 at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. There were a ton donated from some apartment complex that had bought new washers and dryers. They worked wonderfully for the 4 months we lived there and I’m sure they’re still humming right along. So, that might be worth a gander if there are any in your locale (and you perhaps are moving in the next few years and would rather not spend a lot on something that will stay with the house…?):
    The ReStore really intimated me, but it was eventually fun to walk down the overstuffed, miles-high aisles and find old sinks and even TOILETS for sale.

    We bought a fridge from the Sears Outlet, which I would also recommend for washers. There is generally a scratch or ding on a brand new unit, but who cares if it is in the laundry room?! You can search within x miles of your house:

    I have no words on being part of a 5:30 club. I just…no words. I’m barely in an 8:00 club now that the youngest has finally started sleeping in past 7 and, well, I just let the kids wake me up and then go through my morning routine while they play together before I get around to making breakfast. Alleluia for this night owl who’s expecting #3! And, yes, I agree–dark chocolate every day is a necessity.

    Bummer on the Ethan Allen corner cabinet. I hope they were excited to get such a steal and that you made their month!

    Thanks for sharing about your days–this was a great quick takes! 🙂

    • Thanks Karen. We have a habitat restore not too far from us and I’m going to look there. … I’m glad the kids let you sleep in the morning. When you’re pregnant you need to just get in as much sleep as you can. Build up a sleep surplus (if there is such a thing ?) for the days ahead!

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