What I Wore Sunday + Sunday Pet Peeves

This is what I wore today:


Shirt from Conversation Pieces (gift from my husband); sadly not recommended; already pilling after one washing.  😦

And what I wore last week:


Sweater from Kohls (now sold out).  I had some Christmas Kohls credit and couldn’t resist this sweater.  Not my color + hand wash only + sheds on everything < very soft + polka dots!

And here’s my pet peeve of the week: pew end squatters.*

People who get to church early and stake out a spot at the end of the pew.  Would it really kill you to scoot over to the middle?  Do you really enjoy having me and my young children stepping back and forth across your lap and over your toes, multiple times throughout the hour?  Seriously.

I get that some people are elderly and/or have limited mobility, and they have a right to the end of the pew.

It doesn’t help that, in our parish, we have many pious people who kneel and pray after Mass for a long time.  That’s fine and dandy, but please ~ look around you~ to see if you’re blocking in your neighbor as you close your eyes and have visions and levitate and whatever you want to do for the next fifteen minutes.  Otherwise you encourage the pew-end squatters.

Regardless, if a family with young children approaches the pew, just scoot over.  Offer it up.  Otherwise, the most charitable thought I can muster is to assume you have irritable bowel syndrome.

The end.

Linking up with FL&P today.

*I should add that today we sat next to a very gracious lady who was not a pew end squatter.  And I’m very grateful to her.

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20 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday + Sunday Pet Peeves

  1. This is the funniest yet oh so true satire! I couldn’t agree more with you. And then they look at you like you are committing a crime arriving with more then one little one. Why how annoying we have a family?! I have a rant too. After just two days post partum, I needed some grace so we made it to mass for the Solemnity of Mary on New Years. I was so happy to be finally holding my little guy and bringing him to the Lord’s table! I have a toddler and preschooler too and all three were pretty good. The baby cried ONCE for 15 seconds while I was getting ready to nurse and then was out. The preschooler whispered a little loudly a few times but nothing big. THEN during the peace the older gentleman behind us asked if we knew there was a cry room for our convenience. We thought he was being nice just letting us know and we said oh yes, thanks but we don’t use it unless we need it as it gets pretty routey in there. He then said we should use the cry room because kids disturbs people namely him with a hearing aid. I was so mad and hormonal that I wanted to tell him they also have a hearing impaired room (they really do) for his convenience and part of me wanted to cry. It is just like you said, people even at Church only think of themselves. I just wanted to ask why he as ONE individual inconvenienced for 30 seconds of feedback because of cries should we take our whole family off to the cry room. And to make matters worse our cry is completely apart from the church with a look-in window and the speakers break alot. So we don’t even feel like we went to mass. We also always take our children out if they are really misbehaving but a perfectly quiet 4 yr old, 2 yr old and 2 day old is just not going to happen. Okay there, that was my rant! Ahhhhh….it felt good. Thanks for “listening”. 🙂

  2. I so hear ya on the pew end sqautters. Hate that…seriously! I think the ends of all pews should be reserved for people with small children that may need to make a quick exit.

    That said…my 1-year old is MUCH better behaved if we are in the middle of the pew with “strangers” on both sides. If we are on the end she is trying to run past us and run up the aisle. But, if we are in the middle, she is scared of the strangers and doesn’t try to escape. LOL

  3. Oh do I hear you! I’ve literally walked into Church to find singles and couples sitting on both ends of ALL the pews with the ENTIRE middle of all the pews open. And that was when I was still expecting my smallest, gotta love scrambling over elderly knees, multiple times, with a toddler and giant belly. C’mon people!

  4. Love the colors of that striped top! And your necklace is beautiful!
    I completely agree about pew end squatters. I usually passive agressively stand right by their shoulder with a kid on each hip until the squatter takes a hint and moves over. Works like a charm:P

  5. I’m impressed with how full everyone’s parish seems to be! We always grab the end of the pew with ease. But we also always sit in the back of the church like shameful Catholics…

  6. That made me laugh! Pew squatters! Sadly, our large church is not often full enough that we truly have to SQUEEZE people together. 😦 I wish it was!

    I love that striped top! Boo on the pilling already. 😦

  7. That’s a shame about the shirt- I received the same one (navy & white) for Christmas and haven’t noticed any pilling (only one wash), but an infinity scarf I ordered from them is tearing and running in several places. Makes me wonder about the quality of their other products. 😦
    And the end of the pew squatting drives me crazy. If we do get stuck in the middle I just refuse to feel bad about squeezing past them with our screaming kids. 🙂

  8. Ha! So funny. All the more because I was JUST thinking of this at Mass today, and I was really grateful for the gentleman we sat next to, who was already there and sitting mid-pew when we got there. I heaped extra blessing on his head!

  9. Okay, Laura, I am outing myself as a blog stalker for this one. John and I had the exact.same.conmversation. last night with friends about the pew squatters. Really, people?! Why do you step outside the pew and let my family of seven traipse in past you, when surely it should be obvious some of us will be traipsing in and out more than once before the end of Mass? Single people or elderly couples or people without little kids: please please sit in the middle of pews, and leave the edges for those attending Mass with children who need to cry, get water, pee etc. all. Mass. long.

  10. Maybe those poor pew squatters are secretly suffering from some kind of irrational fear/phobia that the church is going to burn down or something, and they sit on the ends so they can make a run for it at the first smell of smoke . . . . ha, ha . . . . just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  11. I’m late to the party, but want to add that I dislike pew squatters too – and I don’t even have a family. To their defense, sometimes it feels weird to sit in the middle of a pew when there’s no one around — but I DO move over as the church fills up. And I completely agree about the people who afterwards are oblivious to people who need to leave (that happens her in our daily Mass chapel a lot)

    It’s definitely exacerbated by St John’s abnormally lonnnng pews… I don’t know who thought that was a good layout. I think if I went there, as a single person, I would naturally sit towards the end, but then as people came I would move in. But that church is just really strange. Why not have side sections (four total) rather than two huge sections?

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