Five Nerdy Introvert Favorites

1. Date night with myself at

2. The library.

3. My husband, for taking over the kids right after work so I can go, and

4. Modern Mrs. Darcy, for always having good books to recommend (how does she read so fast?), and

5.  Talking on the phone.


That’s all.  Go away.  Leave me alone.  Go to Moxie Wife for more sociable bloggers.


* It’s actually fine to call me.  Really.  I juuuuust might let it go to voicemail.  But I’ll call you back as soon as i’ve had alone time.  promise.


12 thoughts on “Five Nerdy Introvert Favorites

  1. Haha, Laura, I am literally loling about this list, especially the phone. I’m like that about the phone, and even about emails (some people get frustrated if they don’t get immediate responses to emails… sorry folks). Maybe I am an introvert. It’s good that you get your “alone time” — we can’t give what we don’t have, so taking care of ourselves deepens the capacity and quality of relationships. It enriches your motherhood, I’m sure. God bless you!

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