What I Wore Sunday + More Pet Peeves + Liturgical Dance

This is what I wore today:

Experimenting with the Gorilla pod
Girl 1 and I experimented with the Gorillapod:


Last Sunday, I took Girl 1 to the Spanish mass (where there’s plenty of room), and she started dancing, arms in the air, to the rousing mariachi music.  To breathe is to dance for this girl.  I’m no devotee of liturgical dancing, but I didn’t have the heart to stop her, at least not at first.  The priest noticed and gave us a big grin.  Then he made a point of shaking hands with Girl 1 and me after mass, asking her name, and welcoming us to come again.

This week we went to 10:30 mass, which is the most crowded at our parish.  We experienced an interesting variant of my favorite pet peeve (the pew end squatter).  The lady near us was good enough to sit in the middle of the pew, but refused to scoot over into the empty space to her right.  “I can see good here,” she explained, indicating that we could sit on the other side of her.

Now, there were no tall people in the vicinity that would have blocked her view.  She just liked being right in front of the podium.  I happen to know that this particular lady is a kind soul and friendly toward young families in other respects.  Still, this sort of seating possessiveness is getting old.  It’s not the opera, folks!

As others pointed out last time, it’s a nice problem to have.  Plenty of parishes have empty pews, and ours is bursting at the seams.

All the same, we’re through with the 10:30 mass.  And I might start brushing up on my Spanish.

Linking up with FL&P.  Happy Sunday!

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19 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday + More Pet Peeves + Liturgical Dance

  1. Hey Gorillapod! I know you probably think you’re hot stuff for the way she is smiling at you. Well I got news for you, punk: SHE’S MINE! That’s right, those smiles belong to ME! Let’s get this out of the way early on: You may be taking her pictures now but it begins and ends there. You understand??? You better treat her with respect or you WILL have to answer to me! …scumbag…

  2. I got a gorrillapod for Christmas too! I’ve just used it a few times, but I really love it! My full size tripod is just so awkward to get set up and it usually doesn’t do the job. (All those outfit pics I sent you this fall were taken with my p&s camera balanced on top of various cars parked on our block.). 🙂

  3. I totally need something like that gorillapod! But I have a feeling it would be appropriated as a toy almost immediately… I love the mother-daughter pictures – you two are so cute!

  4. What the heck is a gorillapod? A googling I must go. And you need to take some modeling cues from G1. For realz. And nice scarf tie. You should do a tutorial.

  5. Love the photo bombing – she is so fun! And yeah we aren’t huge no the 10:30 AM mass either. We find that 8:30 AM usually works best for little man and for some reason everyone seems a lot friendlier (?) there. That or we end up at 12:30 PM juggling him and trying to keep up 🙂

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