Five Favorites: Relaxing, Heroic, Comedic

1. My kitchen is about the size of a crib, so Girl 2 sometimes gets confused.


2. Yogi Tea, in this flavor:

3. And this:

Does it work?  I dunno, really.  But it’s nice to sip on something with flavor (plus the bit of stevia that’s mixed in with the tea) as I try to avoid snacking.

4. The tea bag tags crack me up.  

Um, actually, she's not me.

Um, actually, no.   she’s not me.

5.  On a more serious note, have you read about Irena Sendler yet?  The story checks on on Snopes, and apparently the Jewish children that Ms. Sendler smuggled out were often cared for by Roman Catholic orphanages, convents, and homes.

Irena Sendler

Thanks to Lisa for finding this via Pinterest.


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20 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Relaxing, Heroic, Comedic

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of Irena Sendler either, but her story is amazing. I’m not sure how anyone awarded a Nobel Peace Prize instead of her would be able to accept it and not feel ashamed of themselves….especially if they won because of a slideshow and didn’t actually face down Nazi’s to save babies or have their arms and legs broken as a result of their efforts.

  2. I love Irena, one of my favorite true stories involving a human being. When I’m feeling misanthropic, she does a soul good. As long as I don’t start thinking about the peace prize and Al Gore 🙂 also, I wish I could love tea. What’s wrong with me?

  3. I remember hearing about her story vaguely after Gore won the Peace price, but never read an article with much information. Someone needs to write lots of books about her- non fiction and fiction- and I’d read them all!

  4. Is Girl 2 really sleeping there? That is so funny! Thanks for the intro to Irena Sendler. I havent heard of her until now. God bless her for the amazing things she did. Her rewards are certainly in heaven!

  5. Oh, I’m glad you looked into her story- Pinterest is the only place I’ve “heard” about her, and I sometimes wonder about the authenticity of things I pin. Like Rachel said, I’d love to read a book on her.
    And #1 is too cute- heck, I’d love to sleep in a bed that offers food!

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