Schlump, Frump, Fingernails and Vegetables

— 1 —

I wrote a guest post over at Atelier, titled “American Schlump Tries On Parisian Chic For Size.” Part of me is still trying to figure out why the other part of me feels a need to make a fool out of myself for the whole world to see. Probably because the latter part of me loves to be called “erudite and hilarious.”

— 2 —


How I Look At Home for the person i want to have sex with

— 3 —

Within the last few weeks, there were at least three nail polish related posts (here here here) within the Catholic mom blog circles I frequent. I never quite understood nail polishing because it always chipped off for me within a few handwashing, definitely after the first shower.

I gave up and figured people who paint their nails (a) are less clean than I and (b) have too much time on their hands.

Recently it dawned on me: maybe I should try something other than my cotton candy pink $1 Wet n’ Wild from 10 years ago. Just maybe. Painted nails (I’m partial to bright red) would be a nice pick me up and would anyway cover up the dirt.

— 5 —

I accidentally deleted the header for Quick Take #4, and I think I’ll just leave it that way.

Oh wait! I remembered what I was going to tell you:

Remember my gross, mildewey failure of a front-load washer? I put it on Craigslist for $75 OBO and got an immediate offer of $50. Before the first offerer came, though, another guy called me the next day and offered me $100 if I would give him priority over the first guy.

hell yeah gif

This was with full disclosure of the mildew.

the new-to-us washer cost $75. So overall I made $25 off the ordeal.

38062-Charlie-Brown-Happy-Dance gif

— 6 —

Girl 1 was looking over my shoulder yesterday as I re-read some of my favorite posts from Mama Knows, Honeychild.

via Mama Knows Honeychild

This morning, she recreated this from memory.

bedtime drawing 1.31.14

— 7 —

Have you been eating your veggies lately? I generally think of myself as a big fruit and veggie eater, but lately that has not been the case. I’m trying to cut out snacking so there goes most of my fruit intake. And vegetables lately have meant either a salad or some frozen green beans or broccoli heated up, with our main meal. And then we eat leftovers for the next meal, and if there aren’t leftover veggies we just don’t eat veggies. . . . I’m hoping to get a CSA share this summer and be forced to cook more vegetables.

Happy weekend!

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31 thoughts on “Schlump, Frump, Fingernails and Vegetables

  1. Sally Hansen polishes are generally really good. Very impressed with their Salon Effects line, which has a great cherry red. The brush is great. And I think it even includes a top coat in the polish. I love Essie and OPI. The most transformative thing I learned with nail polish was to make sure to wipe your nails with nail polish remover BEFORE polishing them to remove oils that impair the polish’s ability to adhere well. Also, from experience, doing thin coats. The thicker the polish the more likely it is to not dry fully and leave you with nicks. Sally Hansen makes good quick-dry drops. I can get a good five days of decent nails out of Sally Hansen or Essie polish. And I think I could make it longer if I’d redo my top coat every other day, as I’ve read you should.

    Also, I loved Lessons From Madame Chic, which I borrowed from the library at your recommendation. Thanks!

    • I’m also with Rosalind on recommending OPI. While I don’t paint my nails as much as I’d like (and then usually just my toes because my fingernails are just so brittle and overused), I personally find OPI to be better than Sally Hansen in terms of lasting-ness. Just make sure you *REALLY* like the color you pick because it’s pricey (like . . . I seriously choked the first time I saw the price). I refuse to buy it unless there’s a coupon in the Sunday paper or they have it on sale (Ulta3 tends to put it on sale at least once a month). That said, as someone who was notorious for buying cheaper nail polish back in the day (and won’t admit it, but probably still owns most of that polish because, er, maybe it will come back in style and, um, and somehow strengthen over time . . . like a good wine?), the expensive stuff really does make a difference in terms of preventing chip-age. It’s amazing.

      • Like good wine! Love it! … Yeah, I’m going for the really good stuff whenever I do finally dive back into the fingernail polish, um, pool. One of my “vintage” bottles is Sally Hansen and it doesn’t last very long, tho perhaps they’ve improved the formula since then.

  2. Yeah, number 2 is pretty great. And regarding nail polish, I caved and bought one of those products that Camp Patton reviewed as a top coat. And well, I might just have to write about it because there’s too much to say in this com box.

  3. So. Much. Hilarity! I perhaps overly related to #2. This is all the more absurd because I don’t even doll myself up enough for public excursions. Poor hubby. Congrats on the washer!!! We lucked out with an appliance repairman who fixed ours for $50. That was my Natalie Portman moment of the week.

  4. Whooot! Congrats on the washer, that’s awesome!

    I’ve had the same problem with nail polish…it always chips off. I might have to try something a little more expensive and see if that works

    We’ve got a CSA for our meat and veggies and it’s awesome! We get a set amount each week so we have to eat it or it goes to waste. 🙂

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  6. #2 – hysterical and sad all at once? maybe, yes! I try to look snazzy. I’ve asked my hubby to call and give me a heads up when he is on the way home. After hanging up, I attempt to drop all I’m doing, throw food or TV to the kiddos and put on/freshen make-up, do a deodorant check and change my shirt. Today he was pleasantly surprised by my appearance. Hooray!

    Congrats on the washer!!!

    And I’m going to have to check-out Mama Knows Honeychild – looks like a hoot!

  7. Want lots of unsolicited advice in your com-box? Great!
    Regarding nail polish- coupons at Ulta make the expensive brands only 3 or 4 bucks. It’s become a beloved ritual for me to leave the kids and go browse nail polish shades once a month when my Ulta coupon arrives. It’s the little things, I guess. Also, red polish is awesome, but if it really bugs you when it chips or becomes flawed (it bugs me) softer colors or different textures can be more forgiving.
    And if you’re in the market for a washer, we found an awesome top-loader recently. It’s an LG model. It’s as efficient as a front loader and gentle on clothes, but so far it’s been a workhorse for removing stains. We stain everything.

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