Terrible Twos, Llamas, Lululemon … and Homeschooling

1. Girl 2 has gone from hero to zero.  Terrible twos.  Boom.  Overnight.  For a few weeks I thought I was getting off easy, but nope.

2.  She refuses to wear anything other than this:


3. I’ve pretty much delegated dressing her to Pat, on those occasions when I have to take her out of the house, which I avoid doing as much as possible.

I had a brief, beautiful period of life where I could walk out of the library without a kicking, screaming, writhing child under my arm.  No more (at least not during the day).

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

4. Our biggest battle is at meal time and snack time.  So, five times a day.  She refuses to sit in her booster and wear a bib.  I refuse to let her eat any other way.  She gets grumpier and ornerier as her hunger increases.  I usually call in Pat.  I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t work from home.  I’d probably just feed her Goldfish crackers from the kitchen floor, no shame.

5. At this point I’m just like, “Tina! Eat your food!”

eat your food gif

6. Speaking of fat lard (kidding!), I’m back to exercising.  A little.  But I hate getting dressed twice in one day.

I see how the whole Lululemon/ yoga pants phenomenon came about.  You put on stretchy clothes to exercise in.  You don’t feel like changing, so (like Shana) you buy exercise clothes that look nice (enough) to wear throughout the day.  And then even if you don’t exercise one day, you put on the exercise clothes out of habit and to at least make it look like you’ve exercised.  And after enough days like that, your jeans don’t fit anymore, so all you have left to wear is yoga pants.  (This wouldn’t happen to Shana–or to you, Annie, if you’re reading this–but it just might to me.)  It’s a slippery slope.

But I don’t like shelling out $ for clothes that aren’t “real” clothes.  And I don’t like wearing my one pair of really crummy, too-short, bootcut yoga pants, even around the house.

So I exercise in my pajamas.  Or in jeans with the waistband unbuttoned.  I feel like there’s a better way to do this but I can’t figure it out.

7. This is totally and completely unrelated to anything else in this post but, before I forget, I thought this was a good series: How to Homeschool without Warping Your Kids: Adult Grads Report Back (especially parts II and III).

Happy weekend!

For more quick takes, go to Conversion Diary.  Thanks for hosting the link-up, Jen!


8 thoughts on “Terrible Twos, Llamas, Lululemon … and Homeschooling

  1. Thank you for the Napoleon interlude. That just made my evening! And I hear you about workout clothes, and not wanting to spend the money and not wanting to change… but girl, you can’t exercise in unbuttoned jeans! Just, no. Most of my workout clothes are from Old Navy and I used coupons, promotions and such and just spent the least amount of money possible on them. I purposely sweat in these clothes! I refuse to spend more on them than I would on every day “looking nice” clothes.

    • (And here is my embarrassing confession: I will wear the same sweaty workout clothes and sports bra at least 3 times before washing them so I don’t have to own a lot of exercise clothes. I don’t put them back in the drawer with the clean clothes, though, and I let them air out. But yeah, that’s how I deal with the workout clothes dilemma.)

  2. You have me in stitches with Tina. I’ve been known to scream about just throwing all the dinners and lunches on the floor because that’s where people end up doing their eating anyway. Oy.

  3. She is the next Edna Mode. I can just FEEL it!

    I exercise in pjs, too. Because I sleep in a sports bra and workout clothes. I am more comfortable supported and in yoga pants at night. And then I have no excuse but laziness if I don’t work out in the AM before my shower.

  4. Leo is far from 2 yrs old but most of his high chair meals go exactly like that. We gve up on bibs awhile ago, though I’m willing to bet they’re going to make a glorious comeback once he gets more hands on with eating. I have one pair of yoga pants but a) they’re capris so not even close to being stylish and b) they’re yoga pants so mirrors must be avoided at all costs!

  5. Laura! Check these out for exercising… What do you think?! Perfect bc they look nice on and you probably won’t be tempted to walk around town in them since they’re shorts.


    Yes, it’s a slippery slope. Thanks for your faith in me but I shamelessly have been in yoga pants for 5 weeks now, after baby! I am in the opposite boat not wanting to wear real pants (nice jeans) until I can fit comfortably into what I own already. I’m being too stubborn in not wanting to buy a size up for the meantime, and yes, it just feels good to be comfy mid-winter with a new baby and four other little ones to tend to. Also, just like you, I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Wearing maternity jeans at this point is not a place I want to visit. What do you think? Buy the size up? Probably. Mary Boctor, what do you do?

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