7 Quick Takes About Sugar, Hormones, Laziness, Etc.

1.Thank God for dirty dishes/

they have a tale to tell/

while others may go hungry/

we’re eating very well.

Thank God for dirty dishes

i saw that this week’s theme Thursday was “dishes,” and it reminded me of this little poem. its been on a magnet in my gramma’s kitchen for as long as I can remember.

2.  This book might just hold the solution to every problem I’ve ever had.


At the least, it describes just about every problem I’ve ever had. I’ll report back on the results.

(Okay, my problems are not necessarily the exact four issues mentioned on the book cover.  Hormones affect everything and she discusses a lot of issues.  Sheesh.  Get your mind out of the gutter.)

3.  apparently one solution to my problems is to cut out sugar. Surprise surprise.

4. Speaking of sugar, someone in my household had a weak moment at the grocery store and bought this:


i also happen to know that certain someone was the only one to consume said product. Yet said product was depleted in five days, meaning someone in my household consumed …1,120 calories of the stuff at the rate of 224 kal per day.

5. Yes, my diet‘s going just fine. . .  .  Whyever would you ask?  Nosy.

6.  Girl 2 selected her outfit yesterday, as per usual.


Whereas mine stem from hormones, all of Girl 2’s problems stem from being stuck.  Stuck in her booster seat, stuck with two legs in one pants leg, stuck with her toe in a shoe.  So she often shouts out,

Oh guck!  Guck guck guck.

7.  I’m really enjoying Maia’s series on the “lazy moms guide to reading out loud to your kids.”   inspired in part by this, i started reading Little House In the Big Woods to Girl1. Big success!  The girls also have been listening to audio books a lot lately. More on all this later… once I cut out sugar and get the energy to write something substantial.

Happy weekend!  Linking up with Jen for 7 quick takes and Cari for theme Thursday (a day late).


13 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes About Sugar, Hormones, Laziness, Etc.

  1. Toffee almond creamer… that sounds SO good! Definitely buying next time I am at the store. And would love to hear about how you do audio book/read aloud. I got some books on tape from the library for awhile for Grace’s quiet time, but she needed headphones…And the only alternative was buying them through amazon’s audio affiliate. So anyway, definitely interested in affordable/free kid’s audio book resources for iPad/kindled/through the library.

    • So far we do audiobooks in the car. Our library has audiobook-plus-picture-book sets and we’ve checked out several of those. We’ve also checked out some just audiobooks through the library website. … Maia definitely has more experience to share on this topic.

  2. Bailey’s creamer…I mean, you NEED quality coffee creamer. Even when I give up all sorts of things for Lent, I still buy the junky creamer because it’s crack/ I have a problem.

  3. The “oh guck!” is too cute- I love how toddlers say things. And flavored creamers are a big weakness for me. At least that one has some natural flavorings! 😉

  4. I’m pretty certain that most of my problems are caused by eating too much sugar, but sugar is what makes life worth living, in my opinion! Ha, ha. So I guess I’ll continue to have problems. Oh well.

  5. I so need to break my sugar addiction. I tell myself I had to give up gluten so I took up extra sugar out of pity. If you’re able to break its bonds, I commend you!!

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