A Movie I Hate

that I’ve never seen, advice I won’t take, plus other midnight ramblings:


1.  Here’s a little something for you:

Two of my favorite things: .gif images and Pride and Prejudice

2.  There are lots more of both herebut

3. I loathe the “new” Pride and Prejudice* movie with a passion.  The one with Keira Knightly.  Hate it.  Really can’t stand her acting.  Looking at her gives me the heebie geebies.  Does she have a sinus problem?  Can she not breathe through her nose?  Why can’t she close her mouth?

I don’t know her as a person so probably she’s perfectly likable in real life.  (Trying to avoid being uncharitable here . . .)  But in movies ugh.  And what little I saw of the new movie really was not true to the book.  The characters’ restraint is what makes the emotion in the book so compelling.  And the “new” movie does away with most of the restraint.  From what I saw.

Like I said I didn’t watch it.  Just a few bits and pieces.  I’m very fair and thorough that way when I form my opinions.

4. In happier news, my sister  Lizzie had her baby!  They are both doing well.  I don’t know how much more I’m allowed to tell.  Anyway, I’m pretty excited.

Speaking of younger siblings doing things one already has done . . . .

5. Advice: I used to dole out a lot of it.  I also used to think I needed to take every bit of advice that came my way.  Now, I’m pretty much done with advice.  This article quite humorously discusses the reasons why.

The U.S. is addicted to advice. Americans honestly believe that someone out there knows how to fix all our problems. . . . Why, then, are so many of us miserable, bankrupt, overweight chain smokers with horrible, illiterate kids? The advice was out there.

Certain family members might roll their eyes at my asserting I’m through with giving advice.  I guess I should say: I’ve cut back.  I’ve come a long way.

6. And speaking of . . . uh . . . kids.  Kids!  I saw this little statistic about vaccines.

Apparenly, parents who are disinclined to get their kids vaccinated are even less likely to get their kids vaccinated after being given a pro-vaccine spiel.  Makes perfect sense to me.

My kids are vaccinated (tho on a delayed schedule), but I detest the info sheets the doctor’s office hands out from the Center for Disease Control.  My friend calls them “idiot sheets,” and I think that sums it up perfectly.  “Hmm, you obviously think I’m dumber than dirt.  So what all are you not telling me?”

7. I’m always wired after book club and tonight is no exception.  Multiple hours of socializing! With multiple people at one time!  I love it but it’s a lot for my reclusive system to handle.

Happy weekend everyone!  Click over to Jen for more quick take posts.


*The “new” P&P was made almost nine years ago.  #Ifeelold


20 thoughts on “A Movie I Hate

  1. Yes!!! The Keira Knightly version sucks!! I was so worried that you were going to say you hate the 6 hour version. Then I might have had to cut all ties with you… Congratulations to your sister and to you, Auntie-who-will-never-give-advice!

    • Yeah, it was confusing to have titled the post “a movie i hate” and then have the first image be from the all-glorious 1995 P&P. It’s the type of thing that happens when I’m writing at midnight. I’ve corrected that, as much as I hate to deface my blog w/ an image from the 2005 P&P. 😉

  2. Hey, wait, I like your advice! I’ve actually taken your advice on multiple occasions, and then been glad that I did! But having said that, I did like that article. Unsolicited advice especially seems like the most worthless thing in the world. The only thing more worthless than that is the “Just Wait” prophecies, normally applied to parents with children who, in some particular aspect of the child-raising world (eating, sleeping, potty-training, etc), are not being a huge pain.

    Also, I’ve only seen the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice once or maybe twice, but I totally agree that the Kiera Knightly version is not nearly as good. I think you can feel how hard she is trying to be “spirited” or “witty” or whatever. Maybe if I ever run into Kiera Knightly, I’ll give her some unsolicited advice on how she could have played that role better.

  3. me four on the “new” p&p! it’s so . . . not Austen, in so very many ways! but i have to admit, after studying with a true Austen lover & expert, some of the things in the glorious BBC version kinda leave me cold, too. regardless, it’s still such a great one!
    the advice article made some good–and funny– points, but i’m not quite sold. there are those times when we really don’t know what to do and look to those we have good reason to trust for help, even if that help is realizing that what they say or how they do things isn’t right for one’s self.

  4. Laura, you have officially won me over forever and ever. For years now people have been making fun of my supposed “irrational” hated of Keira Knightly. Thank you for understanding how awful she is. My sister does the most hilarious impression of her weird open-lipped mouth breathing/talking, also making sure to appear to be looking over imaginary reading glasses.

  5. Yes, yes, yes ~ from the Knightley P&P to the fact that while my kids are full vaccinated I think a big factor in the growing trend to non-vaccinate is how badly the medical community educates and handle parents concerns.

  6. I’m a fan of advice. 🙂 I think you should keep doling it out. 🙂

    Interesting about the vax study. Sometimes I think part of the reason they give the HepB vax at birth is so they can get parents to agree to it when they are still in shock from the birth and not really reading anything and just sign mindlessly. I’m not against all vaccines or anything, but I think the HepB vax is pretty crazy for newborns who have almost zero chance of getting it (unless the mom has it, but if the mom doesn’t, it seems pointless).

  7. You don’t need to watch it. Everything you said is accurate. It’s a piece of crap and Jane Austen is probably banging her head against her coffin walls. And Kiera knightly? Yeah pretty much — learn to breath

  8. Keira Knightley’s the worst. In Bend It Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean, she plays her character the same way even though they lived CENTURIES apart. Grrr

  9. Just to heap on some more Keira Knightley hate, I wanted to add that she also looks freaking anorexic, and is a horrible role model for young girls. I wouldn’t want my daughters watching her and thinking it’s cool to be a stick figure. Ugh.

  10. That version of P&P is loathsome. For one thing, they did a terrible job with mixing – the soundtrack is supposed to support the movie, not drown it out. During the entire thing I was caught between straining to hear the words and thinking wait, do I really want to hear Ms. Knightly butcher this? The only positive thing I can say is that the two youngest sisters looked their ages – in most interpretations, they look too old.

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