The Rosie Project, Settling for Mr. Good Enough, and Peter Pan

1.  Click over to Atelier if that blog title piques your interest.  (Hint: it’s a book review.)

2.  In other news . . . Girl 1 is obsessed with mermaids.


Mermaids from Peter Pan

Her favorite movie right now is Peter Pan, the Disney cartoon version.  I overhear her saying “Hello Peter, hello Peter, Hello peter!,” mimicking the mermaids’ flirtatious voice exactly.  It’s cute and funny and extremely disturbing.

3.  Here’s a two minute clip of the scene.

4.  She also calls Girl 2, “you blithering baby.”  She hasn’tyet called anyone a blithering idiot, but I know that’s coming.

5. It took re-watching that movie as an adult to realize that the entire movie is about female jealousy.  Make that female jealousy and competition for the attention of a narcissistic man-boy who won’t group up.  Greeeeaaat.  (Ladies, Peter Pan will never be Mr. Right, or even Mr. Good Enough.)

6. Did anyone else out there enjoy the daily coverage of Duchess Catherine fashion during the Australia/ New Zealand royal tour?  Any favorites?  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but up there are the Tory Burch black and white:

the Diane Von Furstenberg ikat wrap dress,

and her casual navy blazer outfits paired with a checkered button down

and with a striped shirt (I do love me some stripes).


Oh, and that white lacy peplum number was awesome.



My least favorite was the red coat dress she wore while first arriving in New Zealand.

Not only was the skirt way too floaty for the wind (near wardrobe malfunction), the high heels were scary. She was gingerly teetering down the steps on four-inch stilettos, holding onto the future King of England with one arm and grasping the hand rail with the other.  Wouldn’t it be the worst thing ever if she dropped the baby there, for all the world to see?  I keep thinking about that.  Step up to the plate, William, and hold the kid so your wife can hold down her skirt.

I’m glad that’s off my chest.

Have a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “The Rosie Project, Settling for Mr. Good Enough, and Peter Pan

  1. I loved her pink skirt suit when she visited that art school for underprivileged kids and did some DJ’ing putting Duke Bill to shame.

  2. Rocky watched Peter Pan too! Right about the same age – over and over and over again – ‘course, he wasn’t into the mermaids so much as Cap’n Hook. We rented the old Mary Martin version from the library and he loved that too – as well as the Kathy Rigby (?) version? There were several, at any rate, and he saw them all – and all of them several times over. And over. That, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer a zillion times.
    BTW – I finished, “Rules of Civility”. It was pretty good. I liked it fine. Have you ever read anything by Rohinton Mistry? Or Wally Lamb or Barbara Kingsolver? I totally enjoyed R.M’s, “A Fine Balance” and gave my copy to your mother – and she never bothered to read it I don’t think. Good book though. Very good.
    Just sharing.

      • Well, if you’re serious about it, Barbara Kingsolver’s, “Poisonwood Bible” is her best – in my opinion. And Rohinton Mistry (who lives in Brampton, turns out – but I read it while in B.C.) his best is “A Fine Balance”. Wally Lamb’s best is “This Much I know is True”.

  3. Laura, I’m dying. You need to start a blog just to comment on the life and wardrobes of the Cambridges!

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