5 Boozy Favorites

I’m not drunk-blogging.  Promise.  I just have booze on the brain for some reason.  For what it’s worth, I’m typing this Tuesday evening, not Wednesday morning.  *Hiccup*  Anyway . . .  Here are some favorites:


1. Loose Cannon IPA beer.  Pat has turned me into a beer snob.  This stuff is hop-sy without being too bitter.

2. Blue Moon Belgian-style Ale.  Delish.

3. Intermingle Red wine (from Aldi!).  Make fun of me all you like; I enjoy a nice, sweetish red table wine.  I think this would be excellent to get tipsy on.  You know, just a hunch.

4. Prosecco with lemon sorbet.  Try it.  An elegant, amazingly easy summertime dessert.  It’s best if the prosecco is very dry.


Prosecco w/ lemon sorbet. From Martha Stewart.

5.  Sangria.  I’ve never made it, but I want to try this recipe.  Doesn’t it look amazing?

Raspberry and Serrano Sangria from treehugger.com

Linking up with Hallie for Five Favorites.  Toast yourself this evening; you’ll be halfway through the week!


9 thoughts on “5 Boozy Favorites

  1. Whenever I see Blue Moon I hear the mice in Babe.

    Also, I just found an article on The Street titled “10 wheat beers you should try after Blue Moon.” (Can’t do copy/paste on my husband’s laptop but just google it).

  2. I can’t handle IPAs – they’re just too bitter for me. I’m going to have to try prosecco with sorbet.

    If my husband judges me for trying it out at 11:30 on a Tuesday morning, I’ll have to explain that it’s a valid post-lunch dessert.

  3. Ohhhhh I love sangria… I would drink it every day, but it really does get dangerously strong for something that basically tastes like juice 😉

  4. This might be one of my favorite 5 Favorites ever (and not drunk commenting 🙂 ). I definitely want to try #4 for a dessert sometime!

  5. Blue Moon with orange is my fav, but personally, I’ve been salivating just thinking of my first postpartum margarita. Yummmm.

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