What I’m Into (a look back on May)

Veggies, VHS tapes, trouble at the Episcopal church rummage sale, and more . . .

Vegetables:  I haven’t cooked much at all lately (that’s another post for another day).  But I signed up for a CSA months ago.  We’re now getting our weekly shares, and right now it’s greens greens and more greens.  Kale, spinach, chard, lettuce, bok choy, and more kale.  I don’t like it because I have to cook it all before it goes bad.  I like it because I’m forced to cook it all before it goes bad.


Dinners on the grill: Pat grills burgers and chicken.  I cook up some CSA veggies in the quickest way possible. We open a bottle of wine.  We sit down and eat.  . . . .  We’ve had two meals in a row like this and I’m hoping for many, many more. . . . No special meal prep for the girls (sweet, blessed, relief).  Girl 1 will eat her grilled chicken (with ketchup) and (certain) veggies if bribed with dessert.

The What I’m Into linkup on Leigh Kramer’s blog, which I first learned about from Modern Mrs. Darcy.  I’m new to Leigh’s blog and the link up.  I might not be doing it right, but I really like the idea.

Professor Linda PrzybyszewskiI look forward to reading her new book,  The Lost Art of Dress.

From her recent Tumblr post:

Since time out of mind, fashion illustrations and store mannequins have exaggerated the female shape into something so long and tenuous one wonders why they didn’t snap in half.  . . .   [A]djust your eyes to the shocking sight of a dress on a young woman with full cheeks and curves.

Times sure have changed, haven’t they?

Buying VHS tapes at the thrift store for $0.33–cheaper than renting!  When I’m done I throw them away or give them back to Goodwill.  So far I’ve watched.

  • 28 Days (Sandra Bullock)
  • Green Card (Andie MacDowell, lovely, why can’t they make rom coms like this anymore?)

I’ve bought the girls more VHS tapes than I can count, some favorites being:

  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Peter Pan
  • Robin Hood (all the classic, Disney animated versions)

Pat has found a way to digitize VHS tapes, so the girls watch their movies on our Roku box with software called Plex.  With that in mind, I picked up VHS tapes of some old favorites that are worth digitizing, saving, and watching over and over:

VHS tapes left to watch (but probably not to save):

  • Fargo (I like a lot of Coen brother’s movies but somehow haven’t watched this yet)
  •  Spanglish
  • Now and Then
  •  The Net (interested to see a movie about internet ID theft from ~ 15 years ago)
  • Little Black Book (okay, I might regret this, bu I guess it caught my eye since its star, Brittany Murphy, died so unexpectedly)

Prints of Delarue paintings of Paris, found at the Episcopal church rummage sale for $2 apiece, paired up with frames I found at the same sale for $1 a piece, spruced up with some black spray paint and matting from Michaels.


Lucien Delarue



More Delarue prints.  I’m hoping to make some moolah off these on eBay (it worked with the blazer I [fortunately/unfortunately] bought at the same church’s previous rummage sale).


Losing my keys at the Episcopal church rummage sale, and being locked out of my minivan.  Well, I’m not into this but it happened.

Living in a small town such that I was able to (a) snag a ride home from a second cousin-in-law who just happened to be at the sale and then (b) have my keys delivered to me the next day from a friend from church who also just happened to be at the sale.

Having a two-year old who stuck a popcorn kernel up her nose.  Again, not so much into it, but it was into her.  Yuk yuk.  We can add this to the many stories of children in the family sticking things up their noses: peas, beans, crayons, pebbles, Baby Jesus figurines . . . the normal stuff.

Hoping for a less-sluggish, uneventful June filled with more beautiful weather!


Thank you Leigh!

11 thoughts on “What I’m Into (a look back on May)

  1. You’ll love the Lost Art of Dress….it’s so good! My favorite section was at the end when she began discussing the change from women dressing like women to women dressing like pre-pubescent children 🙂

  2. Of course, you know your Aunt Alex is obligated to point out that she was college friends at Bethany College with Frances McDormand, the woman police officer in “Fargo”. Just sayin’. We called her Fran and her room was above mine. I also have our yearbook with her in the picture of all of us outside the dorm on the steps.

      • Yeah. But we were in Freshman Drama together – and there were others who I beat too – a play called, “Butley”. She wasn’t so great at that time with British accents. I got the role of “Edna Shaft” and I totally botched it – forgot my lines, etc.

  3. That is exactly the way of the CSA! Vine Ripe Farm is doing a non-CSA farm stand this summer, and I’m glad because I was forced to experience all the veggies last summer, so I know what I like and what I don’t for this year.

    And the popcorn kernel – classic two year old shenanigans! Now our kids just have even more in common. 🙂

  4. Laura, I loved finding your blog! I am a little jealous of your kale abundance (omg and loved the video you posted!) – though the only way I like to eat it is with sesame seed oil and white vinegar. I message the oil into the leaves (ok a little work intensive, but it’s so worth it!); this helps them not be so crunchy and dry, and then drizzle with the vinegar, and if you have them (I highly recommend them), sprinkle sesame seeds on top. My all-time favorite simple salad. Sometimes I even make it a few hours ahead of time to make the leaves even more soft. ANYway, loved the post!

  5. That is the beauty and the curse of CSAs. The greens never end! I usually chop up some of the kale and collards and then freeze so I can use it later in the year in soups or lasagna.

    There’s no right or wrong way to do the What I’m Into linkup! Pick or make up whatever categories you want and have fun. Thanks for linking up!

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