Pioneer Woman Love

Who loves the Pioneer Woman?  I do.  Confession though: I’m not even subscribed to her blog, and I don’t know what she’s up to lately except that she has a t.v. show (had a t.v. show?).  I don’t cook much of late, am not into photography, and don’t homeschool.  So there’s not for me there these days.  But I still love Ree.  And when I do cook, I love her recipes.  So much beef!  So helpful when one buys half a cow at a time.

So, linking up with Hallie, on an I-should-get-to-bed-but-want-to-write-the-most-random-post-ever whim, here are my favorite  posts from Mrs. Best-Blog-By-A-Non-Papist Drummond:

1.Her pot roast.  Her pot roast!  To die for.


Honorable mention goes to her Sunday night beef stew:



2. I get compliments every time I make these mashed potatoes.  Something along the lines of, “Wow, what did you do with these mashed potatoes that make them so tasty?”  The answer: they’re not mashed potatoes.  They’re cream cheese and butter with a bit of spud mixed in.  Yum.

3. This recipe for Potatoes Romanoff is a recipe from another blogger, posted on Ree’s spin-off blog of sorts, Tasty Kitchen.  Kind of like mashed potatoes, but cheesy and fluffier.

4. Something about this post makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  I read it out loud to Pat and was laughing until I had tears in my eyes.  Maybe I’m just wistful because my kids hardly ever let me sing.

pioneer woman journey

Journey with Ree Drummond


5. Finally, I’ll always be grateful for Ree’s recommendation for this lovely and inexpensive concealer, which also works well as a highlighter.

Oh, and finally, she has my china (Spode Blue Italian)!  Kindred spirits fo’ sho.

What about you?  Are you a PW fan?




17 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman Love

  1. Her short ribs recipe is the best ever!!! I could eat them every day. And my husband loves the Marlboro Man sandwich. She used to have a recipe online called Filet Au Poivre that was also tasty, but she’s taken it off. I agree, so much beef!

  2. LOVE Pioneer Woman!! I haven’t tried the mashed potatoes yet, but I have done the Pot Roast a few times….amazing…. My favorite is the Prune Cake (ooooo and the cinnamon buns!) but seriously, no one can tell there are prunes in that cake! 🙂

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