Seven Quick Takes About Dancing and Other Offensive Things

1. Girl 1 had her first ballet recital a week ago.  Too bad she’s so shy.

ballet recital

2, My girls have watched Sleeping Beauty quite a bit.  Which view of the movie do you take?


3. Or Simcha’s?

I’m with Joannie.  I guess I see Simcha’s point but . . . meh.  I still like the movie.

4. My girls have moved on to Robin Hood.

They watch a lot of movies.  They wake up at the crack of dawn, watch a show, bug me for stuff [TBT they’re usually bugging Pat for stuff at this point b/c I’m still asleep], eat their first breakfast, get dressed, bug me for stuff, play outside, fight, bug me for stuff, eat their second breakfast, play outside again, fight, watch another show.

And I’ll look at the clock and it’ll only be 10 a.m.  Summer is way too long, and it hasn’t even started yet!

5. They were dancing around, entertaining other patients in the chiropractor’s waiting room the other day.   Charming everyone, making me so proud.  And then, Girl 1 starts shaking what her mama gave her.  I about died of embarrassment.

As best I can discern, the particular move she employed was inspired by this scene:

Little John shaking what his mama gave him


6. I recently discovered how to make .gif files and, you might have noticed, I’m spending way too much time making them.

Pat, on the other hand, enjoys photoshop-type creativity:

Singe 'Er Ella


7. I saw this on clearance at the grocery store the other day.


Ideal man valentine candy


My first impression was that it’s funny.  My second impression was that Pat wouldn’t see the humor.  Third impression: Of course he wouldn’t see the humor because it’s horribly, offensively sexist.  I don’t even know what sexist means anymore, but I know it when I see it [name that quote?] and this is it.

So on that completely inappropriate note, happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all fathers out there (all two of you who are reading this)!


ballet recital


For more quick takes, head over to Team Whittaker, who is hosting the link-up this week.


14 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes About Dancing and Other Offensive Things

      • Right there w/ you- I’ve put on the netflix 1970s Winnie the Pooh for the girls since I grew up w/ it, and thinking it’s completely harmless but Evie has started quoting several of Rabbit’s brash and snippy lines. And just today I didn’t notice an Angelina Ballerina book had the work “stupid” in it and of course Evie repeated it right away. Why??

  1. a) Girl 1 is phenom, both as the waving beauty she wants to be, and as the Singerella some may see her as!
    b) Didn’t read the takes on Sleeping Beauty but I’ll give ya mine: love it! Just about the ONLY Disney movie I do love. I love the just-out-of-the-picture-book quality, stylized a little over the top version, everything looks as if it were stained glass come to life. The story is kept simple and sweet, very little dialogue, huge imagery, not too much side character distractions, no preaching, kinda like how your mama might tell you a bed time story. Beautiful.
    c) The picture doesn’t reveal: did you buy The Perfect Man?

  2. That gif of Girl 1 is so awesome! That was the best part of the recital anyway! 😉 Waving to all her adoring fans. Plus, although a little shaky, the best videography I’ve seen in a long time! 😉
    I find that chocolate offensive also. Plus, despite being made out of chocolate, he’s clearly a white man. Because obviously the “perfect man” would never be black, Latino, Asian, Indian, or HEAVEN FORBID, Middle Eastern.

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