What Should Mermaids Wear to Mass?

Here’s what I wore today:

J. Crew Factory ponte flare dress (no longer available): thrifted scarf

J. Crew Factory ponte flare dress (no longer available):
thrifted April Cornell scarf 

And what I wore last week:

J. Crew Factory ponte dress; Lia Sophia necklace

J. Crew Factory ponte dress; Lia Sophia necklace

Which accessory do you think is better?

Here is what Girl 1’s doll wore to Mass today:

What mermaids wear to Mass

Not recommended.  Although it got me thinking, what should modesty standards be for mermaids?  If all mermaids bare their navels, is it immodest?  Perhaps it would be acceptable at an all-mermaid mass.  At a human, Tridentine Mass, though, it gets a little more dicey.  Thankfully, we didn’t get kicked out.

Here’s what I wore a few weeks ago.


I’ve been less enthusiastic about outfit posts lately, since packing on a few pounds.  But I know I don’t want to see only perfect-bodied people’s outfits.  So here I am, doing my part to keep WIWS real and imperfect.  🙂


Happy Sunday!

18 thoughts on “What Should Mermaids Wear to Mass?

  1. if not for the slowing of metabolism that goes with getting older, I don’t really mind hitting the third decade of life… I am with u.. not happy with the extra lbs but doing the best that I can with dressing up.
    you look lovely! 🙂 as always.

  2. You look fine to me (I can’t see any gains, but I know how it is when I gain and notice it in myself, even if no one else does).

    I like your hair down and shorter–very cute. And the J.Crew ponte dress is a win–I esp. like the necklace with it. I just got a Land’s End version with 3/4 sleeves and I’m looking forward to cooler weather (and less frequently nursing babies!) to wear it!

  3. When I saw the mermaid splayed across the Communion rail, I had to suppress a smile. I hope the good Deacon didn’t raise an eyebrow. You can just think of it as prosletizing the mermaids, by bringing one to Mass. 😉
    P.S. Both are cute, but with the necklace is my favorite– more summery.

  4. Love all the outfits, like the necklace better too, can’t see the extra pounds. And I think the haircut is SO cute!!

  5. I like both accessories, but mostly really love the dress. I did like the scarf, but I’m a scarf fan so…your hair is fab, either way.
    I miss your outfit posts! Don’t shy away from the camera, we really can’t tell.

  6. Love all the looks, Laura! I think the scarf is my fav for the dress but only b/c I think it pops more? And please keep the outfit posts coming! And I think the song “All Are Welcome” is the answer to the mermaid at mass. 😉

  7. Love the short hair! And I totally don’t notice any extra pounds, either. I’ve been slacking on the outfit posts too, mainly because the twins seem to be in screaming mood all the time lately, which makes it hard to do anything that involves using two hands, like setting the camera up…

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