Theme Songs of My Life

Jennifer asked her readers about their “theme songs”: a song that reminds you vividly of a specific time in your life.

This is fun to ponder.  I’ve been out of the habit of listening to music for so long.  But it’s amazing how many memories and emotions stay connected with a song, no matter how much time goes by.  Here are some of my “theme songs.”

1. She’s Always A Woman by Billy Joel: Pat got me Billy Joel’s greatest hits a few weeks before Girl 1 was born, and we listened to that 3 CD set over and over.  And when Pat first held Girl 1 after she was born, he sang this to her.  We kept singing it to her throughout the coming months.  We played it in the car when she fussed.  No surprise that, at less than two years old, we were singing it to her and she piped in with the “oohs” at the beginning of the refrain, with perfect timing.  Her first song.  The question is whether Pat was prescient in choosing this song, or whether hearing it so much influenced Girl 1’s personality.



1.5 Careful by Guster: This reminds me of driving around, lost, in Northwestern Virginia on a snowy day, with Lizzie.  And of multiple other memories.

2. One Year Past Twenty, by Judd and Maggie.  This is Martha’s and my theme song, only because of the first line:

Somethin’ ’bout the way/

you say “shut up”/

makes me know I’m gonna miss you.


3. Let Your Troubles Roll By by Carbon Leaf: This is Pat’s favorite band.  I listened to their albums over and over again at work, and on the subway to and from work on my little off-brand, old-school MP3 player.  I clung to music, in a way I never had before, to get me through the last few, exhausting months of work at a DC law firm (which also happened to be the last few months before Girl 1 was born).

4. MmmBop by Hanson: Oh, 1997, you were not the greatest year for me.  But I will always love your music.  And say what you want; Hanson was way better than any other boy band.  (Though the BSB put on one hell of a show.)  Other songs that bring back that era for me: Third Eye Blind Jumper, Matchbox 20’s Push (Rob Thomas’s voice, OMG), Paula Cole Where Have All the Cowboys Gone, Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply . . . so many.

Attending Hanson concert while old enough to drink a beer = the life.

Attending Hanson concert with my sisters, while old enough to drink a beer = the life.

5. Anyone At All by Carole King: Pat’s and my song.  Even though Pat hates it.



Embarrassing revelations tonight brought to you courtesy of Primal Roots red wine, available in fine supermarkets everywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Theme Songs of My Life

  1. Oh, there are just so many song memories from the late ’90s. I definitely agree that Hanson is better than any other boy band, and that is such a cute story that goes with #1!

  2. I just wanted to say that the Judd and Maggie song is about my best friend growing up (they were dating at the time). Small world!

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