How To Look Less Bad: Part Two {Style & the SAHM}

Style and the stay at home mom

How’s your summer uniform/ wardrobe working out for you?

Me?  Not so great.  The style-and-the-SAHM action around here has been less style and more SAH lately.

But I did learn a valuable lesson the other day.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing from time to time:

IMG_6515 IMG_6518

Oh yikes.  This just screams “MOM”!  My kids scream “MOM!” quite enough.  I don’t need my clothes to scream it too.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I remembered Fran wore a similar-yet-cute outfit with the same shirt.

From Franish

Aha!  Yes.

Audrey said it so long ago, but I had to learn the hard way–


TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT . . . and put on a belt.

Style & the SAHM: Tuck in your shirt!

Isn’t that better?  It still says, “Mom,” but . . . softly.

Admittedly, tucking your shirt in is not right for all outfits.  And maybe not necessary for a shorter, more fitted shirt.  But when in doubt, I think tucking in is usually a good idea.  I think.

I make mistakes so you don’t have to (as in How To Look Less Bad, Part 1).

Go tuck in your shirt.  You can thank me later.


5 thoughts on “How To Look Less Bad: Part Two {Style & the SAHM}

  1. I used to wear belts all the time to help w/ the fit of pants but now I only seem to wear them to help pull an outfit together- thanks to blogs and Pinterest. 🙂 Good reminder to try a belt w/ shorts!

  2. I love everything about this post – especially the title! I really need to start embracing the belt, as most of my outfits look like the lefthand image on the “tuck in your shirt” reminder. I just have never been quite comfortable with a) belts and b) tucking in my shirt. I think, like a commenter above, it’s an issue of being short waisted / short torso(ed) – totally not a word. Anyway, I very much enjoy your “Style and the SAHM” posts.

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