A Minimal-ish Summer Momiform, 2014 Edition

Hello everyone!  It’s about time for another installment of my Style & the Stay-At-Home Mom on-again off-again series.  {And the crowd goes wild.}

Style & the SAHM

Last summer was the first summer I really had a week’s worth of outfits that really worked for my lifestyle.  This summer is similar but (I hope) a bit better.  Most of the shirts I wore last year were worn out I was sick of after a year, so I’ve picked up some new pieces.

Last year, I discovered the Athleta Wherever skort.  It worked well, but this year I went with something a little more streamlined and less flowy, the Sweet Sport Skort.  Sadly, it’s sold out except in XXS, last I checked.   There are several to choose from on eBay though (mine is the Tall length).  Also, the “Sweet Sport Skort Active,” which is the same style but shorter, is still available.  It might work for some of you more petite ladies.

I’m still struggling with proportions: what shaped top goes with what shaped bottom (and what shaped items go with my bottom *ahem*).  I feel like I’m missing whatever gene makes this instinctual for some people.

Generally, I’m happier with tops that have some drape.


I love this linen tee from Madewell.  (Comme ci, Comme ca translates, I’m pretty sure, to “32 years old and desperately trying to stay become hip.”)  My two-year old stretched out the neckline a bit, boo hoo.

And sometimes it makes my arm fall off.  I hate it when that happens.


Another success is this “tail” shirt from Anthropologie (no longer available in this color):


It, too, is looking worse for the wear after only a few months.  I’m starting to accept that knit, casual tops are only going to last me one season.

I’ve been a less happy with my Breton tees from Boden.  They’re fine, and better layered with a jacket or puffer vest in the fall.  But on their own . . . boxy and not especially flattering.


I think more fitted, stretchy knit tees can be an elegant, minimalistic choice.  But for those of us with a bit of a tum to hide, drapey is the way to go.  

Even then, drapey can be difficult, as in the case of this linen baseball tee from J. Crew, which I purchased recently on sale.  It’s hard to get it to look right.  On its own, it’s too shapeless, I think:


Better with a necklace:


Okay-est with a half-tuck, I think.



I think???

Another piece I wear with some frequency is this dress from Old Navy:


It’s my first foray into wearing dresses for every day.  I finally got around to having it altered, and I’m glad I did.

Okay, surely there’s a law against posting this many blurry pictures of oneself on the internet in one day.  So I’m stopping here.

And for the fun of linking up with Heather for Five Favorites Wednesday, here are five of my favorite pieces that I’m wearing this summer:

1. Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

2. Crocs Estiva ballet flats (currently on sale)

3. Madewell linen tee (currently on sale)

4. Athleta Sweet Sport Skort

5. These prescription sunglasses from Firmoo.  Now I can see without squinting outside.  Possibly my favorite purchase of the year.  Firmoo usually has a promo code for free shipping, or for 50% off your first purchase.

What about you?  What are you wearing this summer?

11 thoughts on “A Minimal-ish Summer Momiform, 2014 Edition

  1. Bahaha, I’m steering clear of the shirt that makes your arm fall off! On a more serious note, that really stinks that last years tops didn’t make it another season. I totally have that problem with plain white tees, but everything else I can stretch out. I think that’s because I’m not really a minimalist in the clothes department… I really should be, I’m not trying to convince you to come to the dark side. But maybe if you purchased a few more tops to throw into the rotation, they’d last longer? I mean, Anthro and Boden and J Crew tops ain’t cheap, I’d try to get them to last longer!

    • I know what you mean. Right now I have about 7 casual knit tops and that’s all I really need. I kind of like having an “excuse” to buy several new ones each season, so I don’t care so much if they wear out quickly. FWIW, the Boden tops are 100% cotton and will probably be fine for another year or two.–Well, they’re a teeny bit stretched out around the neck but I think that would happen to anything I wore around my two year old, short of a coat or armor.– I’m noticing that synthetic blends and linen have a better drape, but they’re less sturdy than cotton. It’s a trade off.

  2. I totally get you with the proportions thing. I didn’t get that gene lol. I have the same problem with shirts getting stretched out. I’m nursing a toddler and that just doesn’t help things haha

  3. your arm fall off hahahahahaha!!!! you look adorable, and i totally covet your comme ci comme ca shirt! that is, i mean, i would covet it if that weren’t sinful. you know.
    and i’m no fashion maven, heaven knows, but what helps me is 1)common sense 2)comfort sense: if i wear something baggy above, i go for more fitted below, and vice versa; if it feels too tight or too loose, it probably is and i ditch it (or put it in the Skinnier Me / Postpartum me, as applicable). keep posting! it makes bright moments in my day.

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