7 quick takes on Quality Cinema, Kindergarten Theology, and Princess Kate

1. By 11:30 am today, Girl 2 had watched Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings, Barbie: A Mermaid Tale, and was back to a second viewing of Tinker Bell.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when Girl 1 is at school three days a week this school year.  

Go ahead and call me Jerry Falwell if you must, but aren’t these fairies giving each a look that’s not quite . . . platonic?

2. Girl 2’s boredom this week was due to Girl 1’s being in Vacation Bible School all week.  She loved it.

Vacation Bible School piqued Girl 1’s interest in matters theological.

Me: “Jesus Obeys God’s Word” (reading the title of a coloring sheet she brought home).

Girl 1: “But Jesus is God.”

Me: “Yes.  Well. . . .”

Girl 1: W”here is God?  Is God up there?”  (pointing at the sky)

Me: “Well, yes, God is in heaven.   God is in lots of places. . . .”

Girl 1: “Is heaven where we go when we die?  I don’t want to die.”  

3. Pat has been underappreciated around these parts lately.

Girl 2: “Dee [Girl 1] — queen.   Det [Girl 2] — Princess.  

Da [Dad] –Bad Guy.”

Me: “What?  Daddy’s not a bad guy.  Daddy can be the king.”

Girl 2: “Otay.  Da — Ting.”

4. And that night, when Pat was making Girl 1 go to bed, Girl 1 uttered a tearful, spontaneous, impassioned prayer:

“Dear God, Please take away Daddy.  He’s being mean!”

5.. At church recently, I genuflected and told Girl 1 that we kneel down that like because Jesus is there and Jesus is the King.  

She thought for a second, then fanned out her skirt and bowed low in an elegant, exaggerated curtsy.  

Princess that she is, I kind of hope she keeps it up.  

6. Which reminds me: here’s a picture of Duchess Catherine curtseying to the King of Belgium.

Here is the most graceful woman in the world, performing what is certainly a well-practiced and exactingly correct curtsy.

Still it looks painful and awkward.  I think curtseys are best left for those wearing ball gowns.  

7. I just came across this bit of eye candy on Pinterest.  Isn’t It lovely?  This is the look I’m going for in Girl 1’s room.  

Image via House Obsession on Flickr

House Obsession on Flickr


Happy weekend everyone.  Check out Conversion Diary for more quick takes.


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