It’s Been A Brat Pack Summer

Plus something truly truly truly outrageous

I don’t know if I’m regressing in maturity or what but I’ve been on a 1980s teen film kick lately.

1980s movie posters

It started with

1. Sixteen Candles, which I think is hilarious.  A few more thoughts on it here.  Sixteen Candles led to . . .

2. Pretty in Pink, which I also enjoyed, though not quite as much.  If you’ve seen it: do you prefer the actual ending, or the original ending that was changed before the movie’s release?

So after those two, I had to finish out the John Hughes/ Molly Ringwald trilogy with . . .

3. The Breakfast Club: I had the impression this was such a classic, but maybe that’s just because it played every single weekend on TBS every week of my youth (I wasn’t allowed to watch it).  I don’t see what’s so remarkable about this one.  Were there no angsty teen movies before this?

4. Say Anything: Okay, I really like this one.  Am I just a romantic sap, or is it actually good (setting aside the f-o-r-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n)?  I can’t tell.

5. What should be next on this list?  Just don’t say Dirty Dancing because I started watching that and couldn’t get past the abortion-as-compassion motif.  Pat got me to watch two of the Back To The Future movies (I fell asleep during the third).  Should I give them another try?  Or something else?  Oh, and I liked Ferris Bueller.

Linking up with Heather for Five Favorites (even though #3 isn’t my favorite; it’s someone’s favorite).  🙂


Wait a second, forget The Breakfast Club. I just stumbled across a real favorite:

Molly Ringwald is starring in an upcoming movie about . . .

JEM and the Holograms!!!

Truly outrageous.  Truly truly truly outrageous.

That just made my day.

17 thoughts on “It’s Been A Brat Pack Summer

  1. For a second, I thought you were saying “Heathers” is next on the list, and that is much darker than Dirty Dancing (I don’t care for the abortion scene either), and I always found it odd that a grown man was attracted to Baby (statutory?). I remember leaving the theater after Breakfast Club and thinking, “Wow, they nailed it.” So I guess it was the first time I say cliques portrayed accurately. “Some Kind of Wonderful” is okay but has the opposite ending of P in P, which doesn’t seem realistic, either. Don’t bother with “Valley Girl;” it’s full of cussing and nudity. And don’t forget “Weird Science.” That’s a classic.

  2. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Goonies, Some Kind of Wonderful, and the Fletch movies. I expect a report on these next week. Oh! And the original vampire romance The Lost Boys!

  3. Definitely prefer Sixteen Candles (I always had a bit of a movie crush on Michael Schoeffling) to Pretty in Pink, although I like that one too. And Ferris Bueller is a classic! So many good quotes. Also, we watched the B2TF movies growing up and my family quotes them, so maybe nostalgia plays a big factor in liking them? Have you seen Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken? That’s a cute early 90s flick.

  4. They’re bringing back Jem? Not that I ever saw the cartoon, but I remember the girl down the street from me had the Jem Barbie, complete with pink hair and red flashing lightbulb “earrings.”

    Ok, so on the 1980s subject…after all the remakes and reboots and resurrected superhero plots–no one decided to bring back the “Thundercats”?!

    Actually it’s probably better that no one has yet.

    • Oh, I remember my cousin being into those. “Thun-der, thun-der, thundercats!” I just looked it up and apparently a movie is in the works but release has been put on hold or something like that.

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