7 quick takes: all about women

Aristotle’s thoughts (one of them, anyway) on women, blog posts by women, my two little women:

1. I generally think of all those ancient Greek philosophers dudes sort of like I do C.S. Lewis: lots of good ideas about life in general, but sorely lacking in their understanding of women.  So I was surprised to read this post by John Cuddeback:

[E]ven among those who greatly value childbearing, the good health of the mother can slip from the forefront of attention. Where it belongs. . . . Husbands need to make this the special object of our intention, deliberation, and action.

His essay is based on a text by . . . Aristotle.  Hmm.  I didn’t read enough of that guy I guess.

2.  Reading that just made me doubly grateful for my husband, who takes excellent care of my health, physical, mental, and otherwise.  I’m very blessed.

3. Or should I say I’m very lucky?  Obviously I’ve been blessed to have the great husband and children that I have.  But are others not as blessed?  Or are we all equally blessed in different ways?  Simcha has an interesting post on that idea (haven’t even read it all yet, but I will).  Kind of reminds me of Ann Voskamp’s theme in her book, One Thousand Gifts about how we should see even suffering as a gift  Definitely a concept to gnaw on for, like, the rest of my life!

4. Elizabeth Foss just wrote a post on my most recent read, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  I haven’t even read her whole post yet, but I look forward to reading it.  I’m interested to see what another Catholic says of this very secular book.  Part of me, though, wonders if it’ll take the fun out of our book club discussion.  “Aw man, Elizabeth Foss has already thought of everything.”  Nah, there’s always more to talk about.  😉

5. The girls and I had a fun trip to Lowe’s earlier this week.

[Flower] pot heads

[Flower] pot heads

Orchids were half off.  So I bought two.  Natch.

I’ve yet to keep one alive for more than six months but I keep trying.

6. La dee dah.

7. Have I mentioned I’m on Facebook?

Happy weekend!  For more quick takes, click over to Conversion Diary!

8 thoughts on “7 quick takes: all about women

  1. If you’ve ever read “Till We Have Faces,” how can you think CS Lewis doesn’t understand women? At several points throughout my reading it I paused and marveled that it wasn’t a female author.

      • THS is a hideous book, and not just when it comes to women. In one of his biographies (sorry, I forget which) it said that he was going through depression towards the end of WWII (as many Europeans were). Perhaps that explains some of the weirdness of THS?

        I agree that marrying Joy improved Lewis tremendously.

      • I can see how some depression might have shown through THS . . . but I must admit I like it, other than his treatment of Jane. His biting parody of relativist academia-speak, and that room where all the shapes on the ceiling are slightly off. So cool, in a trippy kind of way.

  2. So did you watch Better Off Dead yet? That’s what I want to know. 🙂 Although I loved Dr. Cuddeback’s post as well. And I love What Alice Forgot – one of my favorite books ever.

    • Haven’t been able to watch Better Off Dead yet. 😦 It’s not on Amazon instant video, or at the library. We’ll be getting Netflix back in a few months, though, so hopefully then. In the meantime I watched High Fidelity b/c it’s another John Cusack film . . . that was a disappointment.

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