5 Favorite Things About Gaining 20 Pounds

(When you aren’t underweight to begin with)


1. Perspective: Over a year ago, I thought I wanted to lose weight.  Now, I want to take my self of 20 pounds ago and give her a gentle shake on the shoulders.  “Hey hot stuff, what are you talking about?”  Then, I’d lick my finger, touch it to my old self, and go “tssssss.”  Hawt.


2. Economy: Haven’t been tempted to go clothes shopping in months.  Well, until this week.  When I bought fat clothes.

3. More perspective: Not all my problems are caused by excess weight!  I have more on my gut than ever before, and yet my lower back feels better than it has in a long long time.  Not because of the extra weight, I’m sure, but despite it.  Just due to the passage of time.

4. Um . . . hmm.  The first few hours of a new diet are always exciting.

5. Uh.  Well. . . . Nope, that’s all I’ve got.


5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things About Gaining 20 Pounds

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