Fall clothes, fat clothes

. . . leggings, parkas, and gosh darn you, LL Bean.

1. Anyone else enjoying the recent posts over at The Mom Edit (fka Ain’t No Mom Jeans), where Shana and her friend Sara tried on clothes at LOFT, Gap, and Target?

I jumped on that bandwagon and ordered the Gap plaid shirtdress (it was on sale).  It fit in with my recent criteria for fall clothes: stuff I can wear over leggings because my jeans felt too tight.

Blip blop bloop.  Super unflattering.


Gap plaid shirtdress 2


Gap plaid shirtdress 1 Gap plaid shirtdress 3



2. I also tried Gap’s u-neck marled sweater.  Booooring.  Nothing special.  Blah.  I ordered in a tall, so I could wear it with leggings.  Maybe it would look better in a normal length, but I’m not motivated to try.

gap marled u neck sweater

No thank you.

Gap marled u neck sweater



3. The one winner from that ordeal was Old Navy’s ponte knit leggings (now sold out in most sizes and colors).  They’re a nice, thick material, closer to pants than to tights.  They’re slightly baggy in the belly area so the wearer is less likely to encounter a, um, dromedary digit situation.  On the downside, they’re starting to pill just a bit after a few wearings.


4. I also made a ThredUP order, tried on a bunch of tunic tops and dresses, and kept one.  Then I read the fine print and learned that returns are free only if you order from their mobile app, rather than from their regular website.  $13.39 in return shipping out the window.  Ouch.

Anyway, I kept one dress.  Super boring in the pictures, but it’s fairly flattering and works well leggings.  Plus, only $6 (or $6 +$13.39, depending on how you look at it).


5. I also have this tunic, hand-me-down from a stylish friend, to complete my elastic-waisted repository.

style and the sahm



And in the midst of all this, I lost 3 or 4 pounds, making my jeans bearable again.  So, hooray for options!

This is an interpretive dance showing how much I love these jeans.


6. I’m still inclined to choose jackets over cardigans.  But my denim jacket looks dumb with my jeans.  And my navy blazer is a little too dressy for my liking some days.  (Oh, my troubled life.)  So I’m drooling over this jacket:

Women’s Quilted Jacket from Target

The moto jacket trend didn’t thrill me at first, but 3 years in, or however long it’s been, I’m starting to catch the bug.

I also suddenly have this intense desire for a military-inspired parka.  With a fur-trimmed hood, if you please.  This is another trend that I wasn’t into until now that it’s probably over.  But it’s not over enough that the J. Crew ones aren’t still expensive on eBay.  Actually, this is a fairly affordable option:

Sebby Sherpa Hood Parka from Nordstrom Rach


But my incredibly blah, shapeless, styleless parka from 6+ years ago just will. not. die.  So I have no good excuse to buy another.

Me in that parka, circa 2008

Me in that parka, circa 2008

Die, LL Bean parka, die!


What are you wearing these days?

{Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for 7 quick takes.}


25 thoughts on “Fall clothes, fat clothes

  1. Thanks for the heads up about Thred up! I really like your striped tunic outfit. Oh, and sorry to bear bad news, but…. that LL Bean parka will probably never die.

  2. That first plaid dress! I had that in 1994! 😀 LOL. I love your face in the photo, haha.

    The striped tunic is very nice on you, agreed! And how great is the few pound loss? That is such a boost for morale…enjoy wearing the jeans!

  3. I live that stylish friend hand me down! I can’t shop at the Gap because, short and hips (the deadliest combo). I finally just bought a jacket. Admittedly shapeless and blah. I live with all boys, and they convinced me that a blue (the same color blue as your immortal LL Bean parka) Columbia jacket was the best choice. #facepalm

  4. You look great, not at ALL like you’ve gained any weight (didn’t you mention that a couple posts ago) and I have been loving Shana’s collaboration with her, um, more realistically sized friend who is also super adorable. I love the Mom Edit, but I never feel like I glean anything practical from it … until now!

    For what it’s worth, I love Gap to the moon and back but I never buy stuff from there online, there’s just too much variance and risk from piece to piece. The have SUCH inconsistent sizing and styling.

  5. My husband just bought me a khaki jacket for $8 at our church’s thrift store. It’s got loose ruffles at the top, has one button and a loose-fitting belt, and hits about mid-thigh. It’s lined (and you can tell the quality is good) but otherwise light, which is perfect for winter in the South. I am so giddy about this chic little jacket that I’m almost looking forward to cold weather. Almost.

  6. Love the new hair cut! And ponte is THE BEST. I don’t understand why all leggings aren’t made out of the material, because it really does turn them into *pants* and not just semi-sheer layering devices. Says the woman who has been waaaaay over-wearing her leggings lately…

  7. Love that striped tunic from your friend on you! I got some tunics and maternity dresses from ThredUP recently – extra thankful that everything fit after reading about the return policy! Good to know, good to know…

  8. Does anyone look good in a plaid shirtdress? I don’t even really think it flatters the model that much.

    I think the slouchy/baggy sweater and leggins look is hard to pull off for a lot of people. I will admit I’m not a fan of the whole long baggy top and leggins/skinny jeans on the bottom look. I think it is really only flattering to women with banana-trype shapes (straight up and down). I think for women of other other body shapes (like hourglass, or pear or apple) it harder to pull off and just not as flattering..

    I love that striped tunic on you. it looks great, especially with the jean jacket. I think the jean jacket cuts it off just right to show off you waist, whcih makes it really flattering!!

    And I agree..you really do look great….whatever weight you’ve gained, you wear it well!!

  9. Outfit #5 is lovely! I wouldn’t say that I have a sense for fashion in general but here in the land of 3rd trimester I am ready to set fire to my dresser, blame it on Leo, and go buy maternity clothes that I actually like. Congrats on the weight loss! Our little family formed a circle around a bucket of ice cream tonight armed with spoons and no self control.

  10. The striped tunic outfit is awesome, and I love the moto jacket. I’m starting to really want to jump on that trend as well. As for the parka, well, if you just have one parka, you have every excuse to buy another — what if you need to wash the first one/send it to the cleaners? 🙂 Seriously, I think having multiple coats is a good idea. Then you can rotate them, and they wear out less quickly. Plus, if you have multiple coats, when one wears out, you can wait for a sale to replace it, rather than being forced to replace it instantly. Plus, one coat may look better with one outfit, another with another. Am I providing sufficient justification yet? 😉 I felt forced to comment since I have an absolute love affair with military-inspired coats, particularly in olive. I have to firmly remind myself that I have two olive jackets, one wear all the time, one just for wearing outdoors, and that I *don’t* need another. 🙂

    • Okay, you’ve just about convinced me. 😉 Along the same liens, I was thinking about how my blue parka is really warm, best suited for temps under 32 degrees. I don’t have anything casual for the 32-52 degree range. So, obviously, a military-inspired parka is just the ticket!

      • $30-$60 but they’re not exactly a hot item. So it may not sell at all. Plus it’s really warm so, on second (3rd 4th 5th . . .) thought I’ll keep it around for really cold days. And be on the lookout for a cute fur-trimmed parka for 30-50 degree days. Maybe something cheaper quality b/c I’m not going to want to keep wearing that trend for years and years.

      • Absolutely! You need something for the 32-52 degree range. I forgot to even mention that! I got a quilted down barn jacket from J. Crew last year on a really good sale that is perfect for when temps are 40 degrees or above and my super-heavy coat is just too warm, but my light field jacket is too light. It’s really nice to have an appropriate coat for different temperatures — one coat does not suit all temperatures or weather conditions!

  11. I love this post, Laura, and your haircut! Isn’t it “funny” (haha) how you can get a random hand me down and it will blow your other agonized over purchases out of the water? Or is that just me…

  12. P.S. I so enjoy your blog. I’m always delighted when a new post pops up in my blog reader. You’re one of the bloggers whose posts I look forward to the most.

  13. That tunic looks great, and what a bummer about thred up. I cant believe they charge that much for returns! And the military trend hasn’t been my favorite, but I’m really digging that parka with the fur lining!

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