Ever have one of those days . . .

where you still haven’t brushed your teeth yet,

and lunch was a battle,

and the five-year old is in time out until she’s ten year’s old,

and you just picked up the Candy Land cards from all over the floor,

and the two-year old just found your secret stash of Christmas presents,

and the two-year old is still boycotting her lunch,

and you ruined the alfredo sauce that you were planning on making for the meal you’ve committed to bringing someone tonight,

and (just this once) you pop open an after-lunch beer,

and it spills all over your yoga pants and your Birkenstocks,

and you mutter something under your breath,

and the two-year old giggles,

“Mommy said !fuck!”

And it’s not even noon yet?

Nah, me neither.

Happy Monday.


10 thoughts on “Ever have one of those days . . .

  1. I didn’t have a beer after lunch, but I did find it necessary to eat a couple chocolate bars. I hope your stress level goes down as the hours add up!

    • Thanks Eileen, and to everyone else who commented. I’m happy to report that by four pm I was showered and my teeth were brushed and the girls were down for quiet time. Much better.

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  2. Thanks for chronicling the day! It makes those days so much funnier when someone else is having them, and you can laugh about it.

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