Christmas wonder

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m thinking about

  • How much children change from Christmas to Christmas–last year Girl 1 was out of her mind with excitement and she only vaguely remembered the Christmas before; this year she insists that our decorations be placed exactly as they were last year; she’s memorized their placement by watching this over and over again (she’s even memorized her own gibberish from two years earlier):


  • Mary Romance’s daughter, Courtney, who truly will be Home this Christmas,
  • My friend and neighbor who gave birth to a daughter last night–I’m so glad she gets to hold her baby in her arms this Christmas,
  • How grateful I am that my girls are recovering from a stomach bug and that Pat and I haven’t caught it,

 ~ I just walked into the bathroom and found Girl 2 “washing” the pressboard bathroom vanity with lots of water and my hair product ~

  • My sweet parents and brothers, who drove a thousand miles to spend Christmas with us–they walked in our door Monday morning and Girl 1 promptly vomited at their feet,
  • My ninety-four-year-old Grandma, whose health is failing rapidly, and whether I’ll get to see her again in this life,
  • My friends who have lost a brother and a grandfather, or a father,
  • My thoughtful godmother and grandparents and aunt and uncle, who gave me Christmas ornaments every year when I was a child, so that I would have them for my own tree when I grew up,
  • How much I mourned the six or more of those ornaments that smashed when we had a Christmas tree physics failure earlier this week,


  • How it made no difference to Girl 1, who lay her sick little self on the couch and gazed up at tree for hours on end–it was the most beautiful thing in the world to her,


  • How enamored Girl 2 is of the Baby Jesus–she wanted to hold him so badly I couldn’t bear to keep him in hiding all of advent,
  • Shana’s musings on Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the importance of wonder, and how I don’t need to make anything up to allow my children the wisdom that begins with wonder–the Maker of the Universe became a newborn baby and lay among the animals and angels came and sang of the Good News to shepherds–I can’t think of anything more wonder-full.



Merry Christmas to you all!


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