2014 in (just a few) pictures

Dwija hosts a fun link-up: 2014 in 12 pictures.  It’s a good challenge to whittle down the hundreds of pictures I take in the year to those that capture the year’s essence.  (It’s also good preparation for preparing the year’s photo book).  So here was my 2014 in 12 pictures give or take a few:


January 2014


This beautiful photo my brother took helped me gain perspective when I got caught up in my life’s un-Pinterestability

February 2014


I failed so many diets this year I lost count.



Happy Easter!

April 2014

Check out the flooding at my parents’ house!  Would you believe it–it just missed their house by a few feet!

March 2014


I made a whirlwind trip for my baby godson-nephew’s baptism.  I realize now that my sister (the baby’s mom) was probably hyperventilating as I held him  He was quite ready to go back to her after being doused.

May 2014


The girls enjoyed some shares of our CSA more than others.

June 2014


My siblings and I were all together for the first time in two years.

July 2014


Assembled a nifty home command center finally!

August 2014


Shout-out to my mother in law for capturing Girl 2’s curls!

photo 1


Girl 1 obsessed about Halloween . . .

October 2014

and matured in her friendships at school.  😉

September 2014


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for the win!

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


It was a Christmas of minor disaster,

December 2014

disaster recovery,

December 2014 2

and family.

December 2014 3

Happy new year y’all!  Thanks Dwija!

12 thoughts on “2014 in (just a few) pictures

  1. What a wonderful year! Your home command center is “awesome sauce”, as my three-year-old would say, and those October friendship memories are too. 🙂

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